Department of History of Art & Architecture

What could be more fascinating than learning about masterpieces of art and architecture from around the globe!  Or to design your own building, plan a museum exhibition, or present a new interpretation of a famous painting!  Students who major or minor in the Department of History of Art and Architecture have the opportunity of following one of two tracks: Art History and Museum Studies or Architectural Studies.  Each track offers a unique way of exploring the world of art and architecture. 

Art History

Art expresses the depth and breadth of what it means to be human.  Through courses covering many time periods and cultures, art history students learn how art is made and how it relates to social, theoretical, and historical circumstances.  In many classes, students work closely with the collections of the Middlebury College Museum of Art.  Field trips to other major museums expand students’ art historical horizons.

Art History Track


Architectural Studies

From the earliest days of civilization, architecture has enabled humans to create spaces that express their deepest beliefs about their lives. The Architectural Studies track combines study of the history and theory of architecture with a rigorous sequence of studio courses in architectural design taught by practicing architects.  Additional perspectives come from renowned architects in the Cameron Visiting Architects Program. While some students pursue Architectural Studies as a rewarding liberal arts major, for others it serves as a pre-professional path to an architectural career.

Architectural Studies Track