Student and Faculty Accomplishments

Cynthia Packert, Christian A. Johnson Professor of History of Art Receives a Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellowships for 2016-2017

Student Internships:

Three Middlebury HARC students were accepted into the MuSe Internship Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for the Summer of 2016:
Alex Gimbel '16.5
Victoria Hildago '17
Lillian Kustec '16
40 students nationwide were chosen for this program, out of a pool of over 1,000 applicants!

Danielle Weindling '17 - 2016 Summer Internship, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Zara Corzine '17.5 Awarded a Kellog Fellowship
in support of her senior project "Women at Work: The Influence of Architectural Developments in 19th Century Vienna and Paris that Brought Women into the Artistic Communities of the Modern City."

2016 Bus Trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

2016 Student Symposium Speakers

Danny Zhang '15- The Curation of Power: Architecture, Ideology, and Political Communication on the National Mall and in Tiananmen Square

Emily Knapp- '15 On The Periphery: Rachel Whiteread's "Nameless Library" on the Judenplatz and the Reinstitution of Jewish Memory in the Cultural Program of Vienna

Carolina McGarity '16.5- Portrait of a Man: Govaert Flinck and the Rembrant School

Lucy Killian '15.5- Wandering Towards Molasses: Navigating the Boundaries Between Photography, Objectification and Pilgrimage in Kara Walker's "A Subtlety"

Wentao Zhai '17- Taipei's Chiang Kai-shek Memorial and the Question of Modernity

2015 Kellog Grant Recipients

Dylan Gilbert

Dylan Gilbert '16

"Thousands of Tiny Tesserae: Constructing Heaven in Sicilian Byzantine Mosaics" will examine how the presence of both Western and Eastern Christianity as well as Islam influenced the experiential quality and narrative of the mosaic programs in 12th century Sicilian churches.

Dylan Otterbein

Dylan Otterbein '16

"Bodies of Evidence: On Self-Violence and the Feminine Identity in Modern Performance Art" will examine the graphic use of blood, wounds, and self-mutilation in feminist performance art of the 60s and 70s to assess to what extent these works either debase or reinforce societal and historical systems of violence against women.

2015 Mellon Grant Recipients

Danielle Weindling

Danielle Weindling '17

Danielle has received funding to travel to 5 different fashion and textile museums (in the United Kingdom and France) in order to research the corset, a fascinating and complex object of material culture. From its emergence in the first half of the sixteenth century to its decline in the first half of the twentieth century, the corset has proved to be a notoriously controversial garment, complicating perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, and class boundaries. Danielle is particularly interested in the corset’s ability to connect binary opposites: as an undergarment close to the body it suggests both dress and undress; its stiffness points to controlled decorum and its curves point to sexual appeal; revealing its interdependent nature and ability to construct multiple identity and social roles.  

Victoria Hidalgo '17

Victoria has received funding to research copies of the Ripley Scroll, an alchemical manuscript dating from the 15th century. She will work with the Bodleian Library’s copy of the scroll while studying abroad at the Middlebury-CMRS program at Oxford, and will additionally travel to Cambridge and Edinburgh to explore later editions of the manuscript. Victoria is particularly interested in investigating how images of creation and the material process of creating intersect in alchemical manuscripts. She plans on exploring notions of human creative agency in art, science, and religion. 

Off-the-Wall Series Student Speakers

Carolina McGarity

Carolina McGarity '16.5- Portrait of a Man: Govaert Flinck and the Rembrandt School

Flinck’s Portrait of a Man bears remarkable similarity to Rembrandt’s self portraits. In this talk Reiff Intern Carolina McGarity ’16.5 will explore those similarities and examine the possibility of the sitter being Flinck or Rembrandt himself.


Nicki Lange '14.5

"Preserving Antiquity: Interpretations of the Shanshui Tradition through the Art of Wang Shimin, Yang Yongliang, and Michael Cherney" has been selected for publication by the Columbia East Asia Review

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