Student and Faculty Research

Members of the Physics Department at Middlebury College maintain active research programs in observational astronomy, particle physics, quantum computing, experimental condensed matter physics, astrophysics, biomedical optics, spectroscopy, and solar magnetohydrodynamics. Students obtain research experience through credit-bearing projects during the school year and through paid internships during the summer months. For some students, research evolves into the senior project required of all physics majors.

Many student-faculty research collaborations culminate in a journal publication, a conference presentation, or a presentation at the Student Research Symposium in April.  Students interested in learning more about the research opportunities in physics and astronomy at Middlebury should consult the physics faculty research page.

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Examples of papers published in peer-reviewed journals and co-authored with students include:

  • E. N. Blose,* B. Ghimire,* N. Graham, and J. Stratton-Smith,* “Edge Corrections to Electromagnetic Casimir Energies From General-Purpose Mathieu-function Routines,” arXiv:1411.0734, Physical ReviewA91 (2015) 012501.
  • Aden Forrow* and Noah Graham, “Variable Phase S-Matrix Calculations for Asymmetric Potentials and Dielectrics,” arXiv:1210.0777, Physical ReviewA86, 062715 (2012).
  • Winkler PF, Twelker K, Reith CN, Long KS, "Expanding Ejecta in the Oxygen-Rich Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8: Direct Measurement Through Proper Motions," Astrophysical Journal 692, 1489 (2009).
  • H.O.H. Churchill, F. Kuemmeth, J.W. Harlow, A.J. Bestwick, E.I. Rashba, K. Flensberg, C.H. Stwertka, T. Taychatanapat, S.K. Watson, C.M. Marcus, "Relaxation and Dephasing in a Two-electron 13C Nanotube Double Quantum Dot," Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 166802 (2009).
  • H.O.H. Churchill, A.J. Bestwick, J.W. Harlow, F. Kuemmeth, D. Marcos, C.H. Stwertka, S.K. Watson, C.M. Marcus, "Electron-nuclear Interaction in 13C Nanotube Double Quantum Dots," Nature Physics 5, 321 (2009).
  • E. Farhl, N. Graham, A.H. Guth, N. Iqbal, R.R. Rosales and N. Stamatopoulos, "Emergence of Oscillons in an Expanding Background," Physical Review D 77, 085019 (2008).
  • Wolfson R, Larson J, Lionello R, "Maximum Energies of Force-free Coronal Flux Ropes," Astrophysical Journal 660, 1683 (2007). [See
  • N. Graham and N. Stamatopoulos, "Unnatural Oscillon Lifetimes in an Expanding Background," Physics Letters B639, 541 (2006).
  • Winkler PF, Gupta G, Long KS, "The SN 1006 Remnant: Optical Proper Motions, Deep Imaging, Distance, and Brightness at Maximum," Astrophysical Journal 585, 324 (2003).


Examples of poster presentations with students:

  • Richard Wolfson and Christina Drake, "Energy Storage and Current Sheets in a Quadrupolar Corona," AAS Solar Physics Division Meeting (2009). [See Wolfson_poster_2009Wolfson_poster_2009]

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