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Course Warnings

Instructions for issuing a course warning:

Students should be placed on "warning" if they are currently earning a grade of "D" or "F," or if it is suspected that a student’s continued performance may result in a final grade of "D" or "F."   The process for issuing course warnings has been streamlined, and is now linked to the course hub site.  

We have made several improvements to this process recently, most importantly that academic advisors will now be emailed that their advisee has received a course warning.

Proceed as follows:

  • Go to the course hub site 
  • Log on via "My Semester Dashboard" on the left of the page. 
  • Under the name of the course in question, click roster which will bring up every student in the course with their Commons affiliation and Commons Dean listed
  • Select the course warning option
  • You will then be directed to copy-paste the message body (and possibly the subject and To/CC addresses) into an email.

Many students who receive course warnings dramatically improve their performance in the class in which they have received the course warning. After a warning is sent to a studnet, with a copy to the student’s commons dean, in most cases, the commons dean 1) discusses the matter with the student, 2) informs Learning Resources, 3) provides the student information about available resources, and 4) invites the student in for further follow-up. For students who receive more than one warning in two or more subjects, the dean also notifies the parents or guardians. An official course warning and a meeting with a dean have proven to be successful combinations in helping students improve their performance. 

If you prefer, the Course Warning Form may still be downloaded (below) and sent to the student, with a copy to the Commons Dean. Please include reasons the warning was issued. Some areas frequently listed of concern are:

                poor attendance

                low grade on assignments

                low grade on exam/midterm

                missing assignments

                does not participate in discussion

                hands in work late

Student Status (handbook language):

 Course Warning Form

Download Course Warning Form. Course warnings are a helpful way for faculty to alert Commons Deans and the Director of Learning Resources that a student may need help and support.