We understand that a Middlebury College education represents a significant investment for any family, and we are committed to making Middlebury affordable for all admitted students.

We base financial aid decisions on the total cost of that education, broken down as follows for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Tuition: $55,790

Room/Board: $16,032

Student Activity Fee: $426

Quick Cost Estimator


We estimate $1,000 in expenses for textbooks and supplies for the academic year. Your actual costs may differ depending on the courses you take and the availability of used books.


We estimate $1,000 in expenses for personal items, entertainment, and clothing for the academic year. It is a conservative estimate, which will require careful budgeting on your part. Most students choose to use the income from their campus jobs to provide these funds.

Health Insurance

Please see information on the Student Financial Services concerning requirements for student health insurance.

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