Ethan Murphy
Axinn Center 216
(802) 443-3395
Office Hours
Spring term: M-F 8:15-5:00 and by appointment

Ethan Murphy is the Media Production Specialist in the Film & Media Culture Department at Middlebury College.  Ethan started at Middlebury in 2008 and worked previously at the University of the Arts, College of Media and Communication as Technology Manager.  He received his B.A. in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.

Ethan has worked professionally in many different production roles for broadcast, film, and video.  He has worked on projects for PBS Frontline, MTV, and HGTV and has been involved over the last ten years in the production of webisodes, music videos, shorts, and feature films.

Courses Taught

Course Description

Cinematography is an advanced video production course with a focus on narrative film lighting, composition, and camera movement. In this course we will produce 7 short assignments, will complete a research project on a cinematographer of your choice, will learn increasingly technical lighting and camera movement techniques in a hands-on collaborative environment, and will discuss readings, lectures, and screenings to develop a better understanding of the art and craft of Cinematography. (FMMC 0200 or by approval) (Not open to students who have completed FMMC 1018)

Terms Taught

Fall 2024



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