Jonathan Kemp
McCardell Bicen Hall R01
(802) 443-2265
Office Hours
Fall 2022: by in-person or virtual appt

As Telescope and Scientific Computing Specialist, I am responsible for management, operation, maintenance, consultation, and support related to all aspects of the Observatory.  This includes ensuring proper operation and maintenance of all Observatory equipment; assisting faculty and students to support the utilization of the Observatory in lab-based courses and research; development and implementation of educational outreach to the community; and, oversight of student staff.

I also work closely with ITS, Library, MiddLab, and DLINQ teams to provide research computing and scientific data support among faculty, staff and students across the sciences to empower scholarship and operations.  This includes software, hardware, and resource selection and use; website development; instruction as it relates to computing and data; and, support of data storage and retrieval. Additionally, I serve as a liaison between the sciences division of academics and technology services.

My expertise includes observatory management, scientific computing, and observational astronomy.  My areas of interest include undergraduate education, liberal arts education, STEM education and public outreach, science communication, citizen science, lifelong learning, cataclysmic variable binary stars, optical time series photometry, professional-amateur collaboration, small-telescope science, telescope and instrument technologies, data management, open-source software, Python, and Linux operating systems.