Hometown: Houston, Texas

High School: Eastwood Academy High School

Affiliations: EMERGE

Major: Double major in Education and Spanish

Minor: Thinking about Psychology

Main Extracurricular Activities: Exploring Middlebury and its beautiful surroundings! But when I feel like staying in, a movie at one of the screening rooms in Middlebury with some friends and snacks is great any day. 

Why did you choose to attend Middlebury? To be completely honest, financial aid. But as I researched more about Midd, I was drawn to the welcoming culture, and environment. Also, I knew I wanted to leave Houston and explore what the world had to offer. I’m glad that Middlebury gave me this opportunity. 

What is your favorite study spot on campus? I can’t say for sure there is one spot on campus that is my favorite. When I’m in a time crunch and must get work done I pack the essentials (snacks, water bottle, headphones) and go to the “Upper Level Mezzanine” in the Davis Library. Booth number 22 is my favorote one! (But shhh don’t tell people). Otherwise, The Grille is a great place to get some reading and casual assignments done. I love the lighting inside and seeing many friends that also came to study or just hang out. 

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self to better your Middlebury experience? It’s going to be okay!!! Make sure to pack lots of cold weather essentials like that big jacket we have never liked. It will keep you warm and cozy. But also bring “nice” clothes for any events that may happen throughout the school year. Don’t forget vitamins and cold medicine since the change of weather may affect you. Thankfully the Center for Health and Wellness at Middlebury is always there to help if you do end up getting sick. Don’t be afraid to meet new people! Your friends back home will always be in your heart, but unfortunately, they can’t be with you right now.