Lizz Utlee
Office Hours
11am-12pm Monday and 1-2pm Tuesday
Additional Programs
Earth and Climate Sciences

I am a glaciologist focused on describing the processes and societal impacts of glacier and ice sheet change. My work brings applied math and numerical modeling together with community-engaged scholarship, drawing on my background in mathematical physics (B.Sc., Queen’s University, Canada) and climate science (PhD, University of Michigan). Prior to joining the Middlebury faculty, I was a postdoctoral researcher at MIT and Georgia Tech.

Among my wide-ranging interests, some current focuses include: (1) constraining how fast glaciers and ice sheets can lose mass by iceberg calving; (2) understanding the contribution of changing glaciers to drought buffering in mountain regions, especially the Andes; and (3) developing statistical and computational methods to facilitate large-ensemble, probabilistic simulations of the Greenland Ice Sheet’s future.  I am happy to discuss collaborations on related projects with students and more senior colleagues.

Please visit my website for more details.