Hometown: Queens, New York

High School: Bard High School Early College Queens

Major: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 

Minor: Anthropology

Main Extracurricular Activities: Student Ambassador and Tour Guide Coordinator in Admissions, The Body Online Anthropology Blog, Alianza Latinx Student Organization

Why did you choose to attend Middlebury? I chose Middlebury for three core reasons; environment, community, and academics. Coming from Queens, New York I wanted to attend a university opposite the urban lifestyle. I wanted to be exposed to a brand new rural environment and grow an appreciation for the seasons through that experience. The community at Middlebury is built through its small size where you are able to build deeper relationships with peers, professors, and even the townspeople. I loved the idea of being able to walk to the town of Middlebury, a 10-minute walk from campus, and be greeted by the owners of your favorite coffee or thrift shop. Finally, I wanted to be able to work with professors on their research. Because of Midd’s undergraduate-only population, I knew I’d have research opportunities in STEM. 

Where did you study abroad/where would you study abroad if you could? I will study abroad in Cordóba, Spain in the spring of 2023! Super excited to get an immersive language experience with a group of my friends. 

Where do you hope to be in five years? Currently, I am still deciding if I would like to pursue a doctoral research degree or medical school after graduation. However, I am sure that while pursuing either route I will continue to spread awareness of the issues Latinx communities face in access to basic health needs including cancer care, and expand my network through external internships and opportunities at Middlebury College in order to build a team to combat these issues head-on.