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Hesselgrave House 221
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William B. Hart, Professor Emeritus of History at Middlebury College, earned a PhD in American Civilization at Brown University.  In 1993, he joined Middlebury’s History Department, where he taught a broad range of American and Atlantic-World history courses until his retirement in June 2020.  During his tenure, Bill served on a number of committees, including the EAC, Faculty Council, Community Council, Appeals Council, and several others.  He also served as Faculty adviser to PALANA, AAA, and other student orgs, and served as Constituent Faculty Adviser to the Middlebury College Board of Advisers.  In 2019, Bill was named the first Director of the newly launched Black Studies Program major.  Bill has lectured and published widely on Black Americans and Native Americans during the Colonial and Early Republic eras.  In August 2020, the University of Massachusetts Press published his book, “For the Good of their Souls”: Performing Christianity in Eighteenth-Century Mohawk Country.  Bill is currently writing a biography of Alexander Twilight, the first graduate of African descent from an American College – Middlebury College in 1823.