Erin Morrison

Erin Morrison (she/her)

Erin Morrison works as the Assistant Director for Student Activities for Leadership Development. She began working with Middlebury College in the fall of 2019. Prior to Middlebury, Erin worked with organizations in Addison County, Vermont that focused on youth and family programs. Outside of work, Erin enjoys life with her daughter doing endless arts and crafts and outdoor adventures.

Gretchen Doyle

Gretchen Doyle (she/her)

I am a joint Computer Science and Geography major from Hoboken, New Jersey. I love running on the Trail Around Middlebury, painting landscapes, and impromptu dancing. I’m also a big fan of sweet potatoes, water sports, and sending letters to friends. 

Niki Kowser

Niki Kowsar (she/her)

I’m a Senior Feb majoring in Neuroscience and (hopefully) minoring in Global Health. I’ve spent the last two years taking on various roles in Fall and Feb Orientation and have loved every second! I enjoy long walks around campus, watching my favorite Office episodes, and spontaneous dance parties with friends in public!

Lila Olson

Lila Olson (she/her)

Hi I’m Lila Olson from Gloucester, Ma. I love all things related to the ocean! In high school, I played varsity soccer, hockey and track. I am a first-year at Midd and I’m leaning toward majoring in Environmental Studies. I am on the Midd crew team and MCAB and I love cooking, art and running. 

Kaleb Patterson

Kaleb Patterson (he/him)

I’m a Senior Feb from Stanwood, Washington. I’m also a Political Science major and a German minor. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and working at Proc! 

Mel Payne

Melynda Payne (she/her)

Hello! My name is Melynda Payne, I’m a senior majoring in English with a track in Creative Writing. I’m from New York City but I love living in Vermont and exploring the beautiful landscape. In my free time I like to watch movies, go on walks and drink hot chocolate.

Natalie Tran

Natalie Tran (she/her)

I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida to Vietnamese immigrants. I am a sophomore at Middlebury College potentially majoring in Political Science and Education Studies. I am also studying Italian and am hoping to go abroad for a semester. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and watching TV.