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Create Your Future in Language

Degree-seeking students can earn a Master of Arts, Master of Arts in Applied Languages, or a Doctor of Modern Languages. Non-degree seeking students with advanced proficiency can apply to attend our graduate programs for one summer.

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Graduate Programs 

Master of Arts
Follow a career path in academia, government, business, or the nonprofit sector or prepare for admission into doctoral programs. Students can complete the MA in Arabic, ChineseFrenchGermanHebrewItalianJapanese, Korean, Russian, or Spanish over four six-week summers in Vermont or one or two six-week summers combined with an academic year in Spain, France, Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany, California, or online!
Master of Arts in Applied Languages
Acquire knowledge and experience in subject areas such as development and migration, that is applicable to a specific career path with this one-year program in French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Students spend one summer at the Language Schools and are required to complete the degree with an academic year abroad. Students also complete an international internship.
Doctor of Modern Languages
Unique to Middlebury, the Doctor of Modern Languages prepares teacher and scholars in two modern foreign languages.
Students in French are in a play.

Flexibility and International Options

Each graduate program has different options to best meet the schedules of our students.

You can study over four 6-week summers in Vermont or two summers with a year in Spain, France, Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany, or California. Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean have online options.

funding for graduate programs

Funding for Graduate Programs

Middlebury offers generous fellowships and scholarships and financial aid, and has also partnered with different organizations.

Depending on the graduate program, Middlebury may meet up to 100% of your demonstrated need to cover your costs.

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