AFS Vivre Sans Frontière

The opportunity to complete an internship during the spring semester was timely; as a graduate student, this was the perfect moment to test my interest in exchange programs to see if I later wanted to pursue a similar career. I completed an internship at a study abroad organization in Paris, and it gave me context as I decided which jobs to consider. Kelly Caviness

I chose to do an internship while studying in France as I knew it would help me gain full life experience that simply cannot be obtained in a classroom or through studying alone. The additional professional experience adds value to my CV/résumé, and I know that this type of experience can oftentimes be the difference between getting a call back for an interview, or getting passed on for a great opportunity. Most importantly, my internship offered me a better understanding of the types of jobs that I can be passionate about and apply for as I move forward in my career. Ashley (Alzora) Norton

À la 42e Ligne

I interned in a small bookshop that sells old/rare books, manuscripts, prints, drawings, and even a few paintings. My job was to translate descriptive paragraphs and write introductions for the catalogues. I also researched and connected with new client bases in America. Sasha Pearce

Association de l’Aiguillage

Internships can be intimidating- especially when they take place in a foreign country! Yet, the opportunity to grow and learn in a hands-on approach (while speaking the language I’d studied for years!) was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. As an Applied French Masters student, and holding a degree in art management, I was fortunate to intern at an hybrid artistic gallery in Paris. I animated gallery openings, networked within the Parisian artworld, assisted in exhibition planning and  gained invaluable experience of the innerworkings of a gallery.

I was challenged by my internship- responsibility at work holds a different weight when it’s conducted in a different language! My professional and colloquial language skills immensely increased. More importantly, I learned how to navigate cultural differences in the work place. Moving forward, I can apply these skills in my career whether it’s working in France, the US, or wherever my heart takes me! Tara Lawrence

Centre Socioculturel Belleville (CBSC)

CBSC is a nonprofit organization that operates in the public sector based in the Belleville neighborhood of Paris and the surrounding 19e arrondissement. The goal of the organization is to offer a safe space to promote solidarity and a free exchange of ideas and resources in a very culturally diverse neighborhood. CBSC offers a range of services based out of its three main departments: youth, social/family and linguistic. Noah Veloz

La Fondation Scelles

During my fall semester in Paris, I had the opportunity to do an internship with La Fondation Scelles, a NGO in the 1st arrondissement. The foundation’s goals are to know, understand, and fight against sexual exploitation, namely human trafficking and prostitution. For most of my time, I translated documents, brochures and articles from French to English and from French to Spanish. The staff really inspired me, and I was honestly sad to leave my last day. Karla Ruzo

La Maison des Journalistes

During the fall, I had the privilege of interning at La Maison des Journalistes, a medium-sized organization dedicated to promoting freedom of speech in the world and hosting and supporting journalists in political exile. As an intern in communications, my main role was to assist in organizing and building outreach programs for freedom of the press. My role as an intern allowed me to be flexible enough to see and contribute in many areas of the company, while reaching the professional and language goals I set at the beginning. Monique Charles


I did an internship at Parisianist, a tiny startup company in the 20th arrondissement, during my fall semester in Paris. My role was to help the 2 founders and one web developer with the “city guide” that makes up their website. The internship gave me even more professional experience in France, and it was important for me personally because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. Megan Lapke

Robin des Bois

I interned at Robin des Bois during the fall semester of my year in Paris. Robin des Bois is an environmental NGO whose mission is to use nonviolent words and actions to affect positive changes. The small team is able to accomplish many different projects that range in focus from endangered species to shipbreaking to analyzing polluted sites upon which primary schools and nurseries are built. Eirann Cohen

UNESCO: Delegation of Palau

My time at the Delegation of Palau to UNESCO was an eye-opening experience into the world of multilateral diplomacy and international relations. As an intern, I worked with a team on various independent projects aimed at publicizing the interests of Palau, a Pacific island nation. I was in charge of writing and editing sections of a book that will soon be published about Palau and the Pacific region, and I also served as liaison between the Delegation and a visiting NGO. Tess McLoud

UNESCO: International Institute for Educational Planning

My internship was an amazing experience! I had the great opportunity to work as a research intern at the International Institute for Educational Planning, part of UNESCO. Having already had experience in a professional setting, it was important for me to diversify my portfolio by gaining experience working in France. Pierangela Lenzi