A student intern works in the field taking samples from a pond.

One of the most exciting parts of your Middlebury education can be participating in an internship.

With mandatory closures of many organizations, social distancing requirements, and “shelter in place” orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unlikely that many interns will be able to complete their summer 2020 internships on-site as planned. The CCI team has come up with some ideas of what you can do if your summer plans have changed.

An internship provides an opportunity to explore your interests and gain experience—you might follow a personal passion, connect to your academic work, volunteer with a not-for-profit organization, or confirm your interest in a particular career path.

According to a 2019 national survey, employers are seeking candidates who have skills in problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership—and who have completed internships. Completing one or two internships during your time at Middlebury will give you valuable experience that matters to employers.

No matter your interests or what you decide to pursue, CCI is here to help you dream big and accomplish your goals.

What is an Internship?

Middlebury defines an internship as an experience that:

  • Provides real-world experience beyond the classroom.
  • Involves reciprocity, i.e., a mutually beneficial experience for both the student and the internship provider.
  • Includes a high level of supervision, training, and mentoring.
  • Typically takes place in winter term and/or summer.
  • May be credit bearing, except for summer internships.
  • May be a self-directed project.
  • Can be local, domestic, or international.

Tips for Getting Started 

  • Apply to internships on Handshake (login is your Middlebury email).
  • Browse other Handshake Resources, such as:
  • Check out Middlebury’s Cohort Internship Programs such as Social Impact Corps, FoodWorks, MuseumWorks, CLIMB, and Privilege and Poverty Internships.
  • Check out CCI’s Career Path Pages for internship news, resources, and industry-specific databases and internships. 
  • Learn about CCI resources and how to start your internship search with a Peer Career Advisor at Quick Questions—no appointment necessary. PCAs can also help you create or edit a résumé and cover letter; first check out our guides, sample résumés, and other great tools and resources
  • Make an appointment to talk with one of our Career Advisors who can give you targeted advice in your field of interest.
  • Research industries and organizations that are of interest to you and then build your knowledge base and make connections by networking with over 3000 alumni on Midd2Midd—our database of alumni who have volunteered to offer you career advice and information about their career field or industry. LinkedIn will also offer you opportunities to connect with 30,000 more alums!
  • Tell your friends, parents, professors, and everyone you know and meet that you are looking. You never know when a conversation will lead to more information, contacts, or a great tip. Get the scoop on networking
  • Use our Self-Reflection and Career Exploration guides to learn more about your skills, interests, and values, or Vault Career Intelligence (in Handshake Resources) for targeted information for liberal arts students about career fields and preparation for entering those fields.  
  • If your summer internship is unpaid, apply for CCI’s funding for unpaid internships

Internship Credit

Please note that Middlebury does not typically grant credit for summer internships, except in cases where an organization requires the student to earn credit or a student on an F-1 visa needs to apply for Curricular Practical Training.  In these cases, the student may enroll in a Field Work course through the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. See the Internship Credit link in the left-hand menu on this page.  .

To earn credit for unpaid Winter Term internships you must complete an application to request credit. See the Winter Term Internships link in the left-hand menu on this page.  

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