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Learn where our recent grads have gone and how the CCI helped get them there.

Porter Bowman '21.5

Porter Bowman ‘21.5


Major(s): International Politics and Economics (IP&E)

Your post-grad plan: I will be working as a Strategy and Consulting Analyst at Accenture Federal Services (AFS). I will be working on projects with different federal agencies in the Washington D.C. area. I’ve always been passionate about government reform and making government work better for more people, and I look forward to continuing that mission with the capacity for impact AFS brings to its work with the federal government.

Influence of your major on professional development: My coursework in the IP&E major, the History minor, and elective classes in American politics taught me both the importance of strong communication skills and furthered my passion for government’s important role in a strong democracy. At Middlebury, I was put into rooms with professors and classmates who shared values and passions for this work and inspired me to pursue roles in this field.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. The CCI was always present as a resource as I navigated turning my passions into career opportunities. I worked with the CCI, especially Tim Mosehauer and Fariha Haque (Middlebury in DC), to find both career mentors and potential opportunities in everything from public policy to consulting to journalism. My job at AFS came about after I attended two CCI-organized information sessions with AFS CEO John Goodman ‘79 during my time at Middlebury and connected with alumni resources at the company who encouraged me to apply for the position. I will continue to utilize the CCI network as I begin my career.

Daniel Brey '22

Daniel Brey ‘22


Major(s): Mathematics and Computer Science

Your post-grad plan: I will be a Software Development Engineer at Mastercard, working on the Test & Learn team after graduation, which is an analytical tool to help companies make decisions about different programs they are preparing to implement. I will also be a part of the Mastercard Launch program, which helps new graduates progress into the business world while learning more about the company and its culture.

Influence of your major on professional development: I wanted to find a career path that allowed me to apply both of my majors, math, and computer science. I became interested in machine learning/AI because it was a field that included both software development from computer science while also using logic, calculations, and critical thinking skills that I have learned in the math department. Both of these majors challenged me with intense problem-solving tasks time and time again, which will be helpful in the machine learning/AI field.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. I was fortunate enough to talk through every step of the application process with Jeff Sawyer at the CCI. He helped me through tasks such as networking, interview prep, and career decisions. One of the big questions we discussed was the decision between going to graduate school for Computer Science or starting my career in software development. After considering many factors including career progress, student loans, and future opportunities, I decided I would prefer to start working now and go to graduate school in a few years.

Cindy Cardona '22

Cindy Cardona ‘22


Major(s): Biology with a minor in Sociology

Your post-grad plan: I will be a student at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine where I will be pursuing my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Influence of your major on professional development: My laboratory experience has been essential in making me into an independent, problem-solving individual. The biology classes revolving around animals and their surrounding have made me understand the problems they face and how we can help them.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. The Pre-Health advisors have been immensely helpful in informing me of internship opportunities as well as guidance throughout the application process for veterinary school.

Zoey Ellis '22

Zoey Ellis ‘22


Major(s): International and Global Studies (IGS) with a focus in Global Security Studies and Spanish

Your post-grad plan: I will be working at JPMorgan Chase and Co. I am joining the Corporate Analyst Development Program. During my two-year program, I will be participating in several rotations to strengthen my technical and business skills, including project management, process improvement, and data analytics.

Influence of your major on professional development: My IGS major and the opportunity to take various interdisciplinary classes has allowed me to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, while also exploring a more comprehensive perspective of the world. I am excited to apply these skills when embracing new challenges at JPM!

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. I worked as a Peer Career Advisor at the CCI for two years and throughout this time, I gained essential leadership and communication skills while offering career help to hundreds of students. From this experience, I knew I wanted to work in a collaborative setting and continue uplifting those around me.

Clara Hatch '22

Clara Hatch ‘22


Major(s): Psychology with a minor in Education Studies

Your post-grad plan: I will be working as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I will be involved in research on childhood cancer and patient-reported outcomes. My work will focus on improving how we communicate with cancer patients and their families and supporting informed decision-making.

Influence of your major on professional development: Through my psychology major, and in particular my senior seminar on Resilience, I have spent time learning about vulnerable populations, such as those affected by cancer. This has made me especially interested in quality-of-life research and social support. My psychology and education classes have also supported my observational skills, communication skills, and critical thinking skills which will be crucial in a patient-facing environment.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. I have met with the CCI several times throughout my time at Middlebury, as well as attended the J-term career planning workshop for seniors. While many of my peers had already secured jobs after graduation, the workshop helped me recognize that I was not alone in feeling ‘stuck’ and struggling to identify a path after graduation, and allowed me to come up with achievable action steps.

Ben Lahey '21.5

Ben Lahey ‘21.5


Major(s): Economics and Mathematics

Your post-grad plan: I am working as a Senior Research Analyst at the New York Fed. I conduct research on labor markets, housing markets, and economic geography with economists in the departments of Urban and Regional Studies and Equitable Growth Studies.

Influence of your major on professional development: I use skills learned in the economics and math departments daily at work and was inspired and supported by faculty mentors to pursue economic research throughout my time at Middlebury.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. I did not use the CCI but did make use of Middlebury’s professional network to find jobs.

Erin Nicholas '22

Erin Nicholas ‘22


Major(s): Molecular Biology/Biochemistry (MBBC) with a minor in Psychology.

Your post-grad plan: I will be studying for the MCAT while working as a Clinical Research Associate for Dr. Moley at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in NYC. I will be the primary research assistant for a sports medicine physiatrist at HSS. I will manage all research studies by preparing protocols, data collection measures, patient consents, and manuscript write ups. My role is primarily a clinical one with some bench work to analyze blood products for regenerative procedures.

Influence of your major on professional development: My MBBC major helped me learn more about my specific interests in the scientific field and in medicine. It helped me learn about what I do and do not like about the many different stem classes I have had to take. It introduced me to things like genetics and specific topics in biology that I am extremely interested in but was previously unaware of. My major helped me explore the fields of biology and chemistry by offering and requiring classes that I otherwise would not have taken. The lab classes I have taken have provided me with some background knowledge in research as well as equipped me with some baseline skills that I will be able to take with me and improve upon throughout my next steps as a post-graduate researcher.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. Dr. Benz helped me layout my timeline with how long I should work for and what role I should be working in before medical school. She helped me map out when to study for and take the MCAT. The CCI did not help me find my job but Dr. Benz did give me some direction for what type of job I should be looking for post-grad.

Yasmine Signey '22

Yasmine Signey ‘22


Major(s): International and Global Studies (IGS) with a focus in Global Security Studies and Spanish

Your post-grad plan: I will be working at Goldman Sachs (GS) in their human capital management division as an Experienced Hire Wealth Recruiter.

Influence of your major on professional development: I knew that I wanted to be able to work in an environment that would allow me the opportunity to meet people all over the world. My global learning experience at Middlebury has given me the drive to want to pursue opportunities that will allow me to meet many different people. At GS, I’ll be able to do that while interviewing and recruiting latter hires from all over the world.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. I met many times with the CCI staff, and they helped me to understand what I’m passionate about and what my next steps should be.

Shridhar Singhania '22

Shridhar Singhania ‘22


Major(s): Economics with minors in Chinese and History

Your post-grad plan:At Evercore, I’ll be working as an Investment Banking Analyst within their Energy Advisory. Energy is a vast industry, comprised of Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, and Renewable Energy companies. These verticals have sub-verticals too — just think of how different companies that own oil reserves, drill for oil and gas in the ground, refine the oil to make it usable for consumers, and finally retail it to consumers must be from one another. Their businesses — and consequently the sources for their failures and successes — are different, and so must be the advice investment bankers provide.

Cutting through the jargon above, I’ll be part of a team that provides strategic and financial advice to companies in such industries depending on their unique circumstances. As an analyst, my job will range from industry and company research to building financial models (i.e., how much is this company / asset actually worth [and why]) to presenting such materials — all in order to give companies the best solutions for their needs.

Simply put, I’ll be problem-solving. Instead of taking on the math/science problems or social sciences challenges facing us in Middlebury classrooms, these solutions will look to help different companies in different situations.

Influence of your major on professional development: Middlebury’s economics major is well-diversified and this lends far in developing different skill-sets best suited for a range of jobs. My ECON major allowed me critical thinking and analytical skills, and quantitive (yes, Regression helps…) and qualitative skills alike. Outside of obviously relevant learning about the economy, business cycles, and how different central banks and firms react to such situations, it is the overall thinking and skillset that the ECON major that influenced my professional development most.

Quite frankly, most Middlebury majors hone useful ways of problem-solving and nimble skillsets. If anything, my diverse coursework at the College has taught me more than the ECON major alone ever could have; that finance jobs necessitate an economics major is nothing but a myth.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. The CCI played an immense role in my professional development. It provided excellent avenues to both discover and achieve my professional goals. Meetings gave me ample structure to think of what I wanted to do and why, and advisors provided excellent information on what I should do — from classroom and extracurricular activities to obtaining internships and networking with alums — to chase my goals.

I’d be remiss to overlook the invaluable guidance, support and help that Ursula gave me. She was with me in the process since Day 1, is a whiz on everything finance-related, and is an all-round gem of a person. Middlebury’s alumni network also proved helpful and is something I encourage all students to take advantage of.

Chloe Zinn '22

Chloe Zinn ‘22


Major(s): Dance and Neuroscience

Your post-grad plan: I will be working as an Assistant Planner, Multichannel Media at SSCG Media Group in midtown Manhattan. I will be marketing Pfizer’s products to pharmacists and oncologists.

Influence of your major on professional development: Dance taught me more than I can express. I learned how to carry myself and read a room. I learned how to express my truth and stand for what I believe in, and how to communicate that to others impactfully. I know these skills will transfer into my professional career for the rest of my life. Neuroscience taught me how to be a critical thinker and showed me that I too can influence the scientific advances of tomorrow which I hope to begin to do through marketing and communications.

Tell us about the role CCI played, if any, in your post-grad planning. When I received the CCI Summer Internship Funding in 2021, I attended the Deeply Rooted Dance Theater’s Pre-Professional/Professional Summer Dance Intensive in Chicago, Illinois for a whole month. It was a transformative experience and it showed me how resilient and adaptable I am in a setting outside of Middlebury. I also learned that I want to keep dance in my life long after my time at Middlebury because it will forever be a new challenge and growth opportunity for me and those around me. Thank you, CCI!