Grant Policies, Procedures, and other information

Now that a new academic year is fully under way, we send this letter to summarize information about policies, procedures, and support for seeking external funding for your creative and scholarly activities. We recognize that this is a lengthy document but it includes critical information about grants and we encourage you to save it for future reference, even if you don’t have time to read it straight through right now.    


  1. Amy Morsman, Interim Dean for Faculty Development and Research, provides oversight for faculty grant-seeking, and is primarily responsible for administering the faculty leave program. Franci Farnsworth, in the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs, provides assistance to faculty in complying with the grant-seeking requirement of the leave program.

  2. The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP), reporting to Tim Spears, Vice President for Academic Development, is charged with advising and assisting regarding all aspects of grantsmanship, including strategic planning, budget development, and editing draft proposals.. Directed by Chuck Mason, OGSP is located on the lower level of Davis Family Library. Franci Farnsworth and Nick Brightman are the primary contacts for faculty developing grant proposals. Chuck, along with Jennifer Bleich and Lisa Winkler, welcome discussion with faculty about institutional projects – those that are beyond the realm of individual scholarship.

  3. The Grants and Sponsored Programs website includes institutional and federal policies, required forms, and a wealth of other grant-seeking advice and information, including links to funding sources and to the SPIN searchable database. The Grants Handbook Index simplifies searching for information within the OGSP site.


Grant Proposal Endorsement Procedures: All proposals that will potentially result in grants administered by Middlebury or that include any type of institutional commitment (other than use of your office or your regular academic-year or leave salary) must be endorsed by Middlebury. The endorsement process is documented by a Proposal Endorsement & Tracking (PET) form (formerly known as the “blue sheet”).   Faculty are responsible for securing the signatures of their department chair and appropriate staff or administrators for any identified institutional issues. OGSP can help facilitate this process and will secure any other required  signature including appropriate senior administrator (usually the DFDR). Please plan on a minimum of six business days from the day that your endorsement form reaches the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs to complete this process. Consulting with the OGSP prior to the endorsement process can help facilitate approval.

Matching Fund:  The Matching Fund is available to assist with cost-sharing on grant proposals for equipment and faculty research. This fund may also be used to help with maintenance costs for grant-funded equipment and with unanticipated or other unusual expenses of grant-funded faculty research projects.

Research Compliance: Katie Gillespie, Research Compliance Manager, provides staff support to the three major compliance committees: IRB (Institutional Review Board) for work with human subjects; IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) for work with vertebrate animals; and IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) for work with recombinant DNA or biohazards. She is a resource for all faculty doing research requiring approvals from these committees and on other issues related to research compliance and the ethical conduct of research.

Faculty working  with radioactive materials should contact Tim Wickland, Director of Science Support Services and manager of McCardell Bicentennial Hall.   

Faculty submitting grant proposals involving travel abroad or the participation of anyone who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident are reminded that these activities are subject to export controls and trade sanctions; OGSP staff can help faculty evaluate proposals for issues related to compliance with export controls and trade sanctions.      

Family Relationships: The Contracts & Grants Policy section of the Faculty Handbook states: “5h. All grant proposals must disclose any family relationship between the project director and anyone named in the proposal using the Family Relationship Disclosure Form. No family members may be paid with grant funds unless that relationship was disclosed in the proposal or disclosed to the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration after receipt of a grant award.”

Course Release: The Contracts & Grants Policy section of the Faculty Handbook allows faculty to include funding for course release in grant budgets.

Summer Salary “2/9ths Rule”: The Contracts & Grants Policy section of the Faculty Handbook is the source for limiting Summer Salary to two months (2/9ths) and that’s the norm; the VPAA will consider and approve requests for 2.5 months of grant-funded summer salary when the sponsor allows such requests and there is sufficient documentation for that level of effort. Contact OGSP for details.

Grant Reports: Faculty are responsible for filing all required technical (also known as narrative or scientific) reports for their grants by the deadlines stated in grant award documents. Any financial information in these reports must be provided or verified by Steve Marino, who is responsible for grants and contracts accounting. The OGSP is charged with monitoring faculty reporting requirements and reports to the DFDR when faculty reports are not filed in timely fashion. 

As always, please contact any of us (or the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs) for advice or questions concerning your grant-seeking plans to support your scholarship and your work as faculty.

With thanks for your cooperation,

Andi Lloyd, Vice President for Academic Administration and Dean of the Faculty 

Amy Morsman, Interim Dean for Faculty Development and Research

Pieter Broucke, Director of the Arts

Pat Manley, Director of the Sciences

Suzanne Gurland, Dean of Curriculum

Tim Spears, Vice President for Academic Development

Academic Administration
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