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Environmental Justice Focus - Elective Courses

Students choosing the Environmental Justice focus must take three elective courses from the list below.

EDST 206—Environmental Education (Weston)

ENVS 209—Gender Health Environment (Mez Baker-Medard)

ENVS 210—Social Class and the Environment (Vila)

SOAN 211—Environmental Anthropology (Sheridan)

GEOG 208—Land and Livelihood (L'Roe)

GEOG 209—Human Geog of Hazards (Holler)

HIST 222—US Environmental History (Morse)

SOAN 225—Native North America (Nevins)

GEOG 225—Environmental Change in Latin America (L'Roe)

SOAN 267/INTD 257—Global Health

INTD 281—Food, Power, and Justice (Anderson)

SOAN 495—Environmental Communication (Nevins)

Program in Environmental Studies

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