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Middlebury’s International and Global Studies Program prepares students for a world requiring a global perspective.

International and global education encourages students to transcend the confines of their own backgrounds and upbringing, apprehend the world through others' eyes, and in the process become more informed global citizens.

Launched in 1996, International Global Studies (IGS) is today one of the most popular majors at Middlebury College. International and Global Studies takes advantage of the College’s historic and renowned strengths in foreign language education and global and area studies. Contributing faculty are active, well-known scholars and dedicated, experienced teachers.

The program draws faculty from departments and programs across the College and offers ten tracks of specialization:

African Studies

East Asian Studies

European Studies

Global Environmental Change

Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

Global Migration and Diaspora Studies

Global Security Studies

Latin American Studies

Middle East and North Africa Studies

Russian and East European Studies

South Asian Studies.