Upcoming Events

  • Rwanda: 30 Years since the Genocide

    In this lecture, Susan Thomson, focuses on a single life story to reflect on the Rwandan government’s unfulfilled promise of ethnic reconciliation in the thirty years since the country’s traumatic genocide of 1994.

    McCardell Bicentennial Hall 220

    Open to the Public
  • Photographer in a Foreign Land: Kevin Bubriski’s Documentary Projects in Nepal, Tibet and Xinjiang

    Kevin Bubriski’s fifty year career as a documentary photographer began in the mid 1970s with his years in the Peace Corps as a community water supply technician in Nepal’s remotest mountain villages. He has returned to Nepal numerous times, done extended documentary work in South Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and the USA and has published a number of photographic books. He will be speaking retrospectively about his work in Nepal, the USA, Syria, Tibet and Xinjiang.

    Johnson Classroom 204

  • The End of the Cold War and the Rise of Neoliberalism

    Fritz Bartel is a diplomatic historian at Texas A&M University. His book on the end of the Cold War (Harvard University Press, 2022), The Triumph of Broken Promises, has been widely praised for its political-economic interpretation of the demise of the Soviet Union and the rise of neo-liberalism in the United States.

    Co-sponsored by the International Politics & Economics program

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • Leaders in the Middle East and North Africa: How Ideology Shapes Foreign Policy

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Autocracy and Democracy presents “Leaders in the Middlebury East and North Africa: How Ideology Shapes Foreign Policy” with Dr. Sercan Canbolat, inaugural director of Abrahamic Programs at the University of Connecticut’s (UConn) Global Affairs and a postdoctoral research associate UConn’s Department of Political Science.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • McDonald’s and the Opening and Closing of Russia? with special guest Kristy Ironside

    The opening of the first McDonald’s in Moscow on January 31, 1990, was widely seen as proof of the Soviet Union opening up to the outside world after years of Cold War isolation. McDonald’s decision to pull out of Russia within months of its full-scale attack on Ukraine in early 2022 was thus naturally seen as the end of an era. This talk will look at how we got from Point A to Point B. Why did Soviet leaders agree to allow McDonald’s in, first as a joint venture with the Moscow city soviet, and what did they hope to get out of it?

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

  • Walking with the Mahatma: Kasturba Gandhi’s Political Life

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Global and International History presents Aparna Kapadia, associate professor of history at Williams College and ” Walking with the Mahatma: Kasturba Gandhi’s Political Life.”

    Aparna Kapadia (Ph. D., SOAS, University of London, 2010) is a social historian of early modern and modern South Asia. Her research particularly focuses on western Indian regional cultures, identities, and power structures as well as the subcontinent’s links with the Indian Ocean networks.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • Putin’s Wars : How once the West’s Sweetheart got us into the WWIII

    Yevgenia Albats — a Russian investigative journalist, political scientist, writer, and radio host — will talk about Russian society and politics in the context of Russia’s invasion of, and ongoing war in, Ukraine.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • Combative Decoloniality and the Abolition of the Humanities

    Building from the approach to decolonization and abolition in the Haitian Revolution as well as from Frantz Fanon’s view of combative decolonization and decoloniality, the presentation makes the case for the abolition of the humanities as a crucial component of the project for decolonizing knowledge today.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public

Past Events

  • Our Palestine Question

    Title: Book talk: Our Palestine Question

    Geoffrey Levin (Emory University) will discuss his new book, Our Palestine Question: Israel and American Jewish Dissent, 1948-1978 (Yale 2023), a new history of the American Jewish relationship with Israel, which focuses on its most urgent and sensitive issue: the question of Palestinian rights.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • Text in blue and yellow letters on a blue background

    United for Ukraine 2024

    A Beneficiary Showcase of Ukrainian Resilience through Art

    This third annual event celebrates the culture and resilience of the nation of Ukraine with music, poetry, film, and more.  Featuring the New York Crimean Tatar Ensemble, with a parade of performances by the Middlebury College Choir, the student band Chapel Hill, Middlebury College’s Ukrainian students, and other special guests. Admission is free, and information about donating to Ukrainian relief organizations will be provided.

    Mahaney Arts Center, Olin C. Robison Concert Hall

    Open to the Public
  • Canceled: Global Indigenous Politics and Environmental Governance

    Indigenous nations are, under international law, not considered full legal persons. However, Indigenous nations have been actively engaged in global politics in a variety of issue areas, including environmental and water governance. For example, over the past 2 years, First Nations from around the world, including the Maori, Hopi, and Tohono O’odham, have been participating in the international Meeting of Sacred Waters, through which various Nations advance new understandings of society’s relationship to water and land, and new approaches to sustainable governance.

    Open to the Public
  • White Supremacy and Global Accelerationism

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Security and Global Affairs presents “White Supremacy and Global Accelerationism” by Amy Cooter, Director of Research, Academic Development, and Innovation (RADI) at CTEC, MIIS.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • Contemporary Russia Through a Diplomat's Eye

    Diplomat Thomas Leary served in Russia at two very different periods: 1999-2004 and 2015-2019. His first term there came during the growing decline in U.S.-Russian relations and the difficult aftermath of Russia’s 1998 financial crisis. By the time Mr. Leary returned to St. Petersburg as U.S. Consul General in 2015, the freeze between the two countries was deepening because of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Meanwhile at home Russia had become both much more prosperous and more authoritarian.

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • Gaza in Context: Tracing Violence and Reconciliation in Palestine/Israel

    In this lecture, Dr. Sa’ed Atshan will provide an overview of the hostilities between the Israeli military and Hamas, reflecting on the past, present, and future of this crisis. The talk will also address the impact on Palestinian and Israeli civilians, the provision of international humanitarian aid, the role of the United States, and prospects for reconciliation.

    Twilight Auditorium 101

    Closed to the Public
  • "20 Days in Mariupol" Film Screening

    Free screening of 20 DAYS IN MARIUPOL (documentary, dir. Mstyslav Chernov, 2023), sponsored by Middlebury Russian Department and IGS-REES. An AP team of Ukrainian journalists trapped in the besieged city of Mariupol struggle to continue their work documenting atrocities of the Russian invasion. As the only international reporters who remain in the city, they capture what later become defining images of the war: dying children, mass graves, the bombing of a maternity hospital, and more.

    Twilight Auditorium 101

    Open to the Public
  • "The Imperial Origins of American Policing"

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs Program on Global and International History presents Julian Go and “Policing Empires: Militarization, Race, and the Imperial Boomerang in Britain and the US.”

    Robert A. Jones '59 Conference Room

    Open to the Public
  • The Oil Machine: Film Screening and Director Chat

    Join us for a screening of the much-buzzed about film, “The Oil Machine,” followed by a Q&A with Director, Emma Davie. Facilitated by James Sanchez.

    Oil has been an invisible machine at the core of our economy and society. It now faces an uncertain future as activists and investors demand change. Is this the end of oil?

    Dana Auditorium (Sunderland Language Center)

    Open to the Public
  • Queer Anthropology: A Dialogue

    Erin Durban and Lucinda Ramberg, two feminist, queer, postcolonial scholars, will have a conversation about queer anthropology: What does it mean to queer anthropology? How can we do anthropology, as well as ethnographic methods more broadly, in a queer way and for queer purposes?

    Axinn Center Abernethy Room (221)

    Open to the Public



Matt Martignoni IGST 2021-2022 Thesis Aware Recipient

Congratulations Matt Martignoni, for being selected as the 2022 winner of the International Global Studies Award!

Awarded to the graduating senior who, in the judgment of the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs Advisory Committee, has written the best senior thesis in the area of international and global studies, broadly conceived.


IGST Cecilia Needham Award Pic 2022

Congratulations Cecilia Needham, for being awarded funding from Middlebury’s Senior Research Project Supplement and Hoskin Family Fund to support research on public health in Haiti for her senior thesis work, “How NGO & State Interactions Influence Public Health Outcomes.”

IGST 2022-23 Kellogg Fellows

Rain Ji ‘23 (IGST, Middle East & North African Studies)

Hitting Below the Belt? Official and Youth Perceptions of the Belt and Road initiative in Jordan


Mira Vance ‘23 (IGST, Global Gender & Sexuality Studies)

The Body of a Nation: Ableism and Constructions of Masculinity Through Primary School Education in Modern China



Recordings of Past Events

Reproductive Justice NOW – Juana Gamero de Coca 2022 Day of Learning

April 26, 2022
4:30–6:00 PM ET