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Students in IGS are supported by their primary major advisor, the director of their track, and the IGS program director.  

Students interested in learning more about the major should meet with the program director.

Once a student chooses a regional track (e.g., Latin American Studies) or thematic track (e.g., Global Gender and Sexuality Studies), the track director becomes the principal administrative contact for the student. The International and Global Studies director is always available for consultation.

To assist students in tracking the completion of your requirements, we have created an Advising Wizard for each of the tracks. Students and advisors should use these as the primary method to plan a student’s progress through the major.

During the first semester of their senior year, students should submit their completed advising wizard to assist with the degree audit process.  Please send a copy of this document to the Academic Coordinator for International and Global Studies.

Advising Wizard by track:

Use this guide to see what courses count for the Regional specialization.

Use this list to see what courses count for Global Courses.

For more details about your requirements, please click here.