Thank you for filling out the Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) online registration form.

We are delighted that you have joined our admissions efforts and will add your name to our official list of volunteers. Please visit the AAP website for more details.

You will have access to the “restricted” site on the AAP page once we process your registration, which should be just before the interview rounds begin in October and again in late December.

After signing in for the first time, you will be directed to change your password. Once you on the site, you will find a wealth of information to help you through the interview process. Please reach out to your regional chair (also found on the website) to let them know you have joined. They are always happy to have new volunteers added to their team.

As an Admissions volunteer, you will be sent periodic mailings and emails from our office to keep you informed about Middlebury. To reduce printing and mailing costs, we communicate electronically so please, if you screen your email, add the following addresses to your approved list.

We’re confident that you will find your involvement in the Alumni Admissions Program to be satisfying and rewarding. We are very appreciative of your willingness to help our efforts.

Julie Gramling, Special Programs Coordinator

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