We understand that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is causing anxiety for students, their families, and the international educational community.  Read below our response to heightened risk levels and travel advisories related to COVID-19.

Fall 2022


Yes. We expect to be able to run most of our programs in the fall of 2022 with the exception of the Schools in China and Russia. 


International Programs at Middlebury constantly reviews safety conditions and risk levels around the world.  We rely on the Center for Disease Control, the U.S. Department of State, our on-site staff abroad, partner universities, and security advisors to inform our decisions. We take into account factors such as the following when considering whether a given School Abroad is to remain open:

  • U.S. Department of State advisory levels
  • CDC travel notice levels
  • Recommendations from the World Health Organization and local medical advice
  • Local government travel restrictions
  • Schools Abroad staff and faculty capacity
  • The number of confirmed cases in the host country, or especially host city
  • Status of university partners (are the campuses classrooms, residences, and services open)
  • Medical resources in host country, and especially host cities
  • Airlines limiting service to/from our host cities
  • Local transportation being reduced or limited 

Yes. All students will be asked to upload proof of vaccination to their application portal as a part of the pre-departure process.

We recognize that some individuals may have medical or religious needs that prevent them from receiving a vaccination. Those who may qualify for medical or religious exemptions or accommodations may complete an exemption form, but should understand that we cannot guarantee that this will suffice should host countries, airlines, etc. require proof of vaccination.

Spring 2023


Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19, the standard two-week commitment window does not apply to the Middlebury Schools Abroad for the spring of 2023.  Middlebury students are asked to commit no later than October 28, 2022.  Students who do not commit or withdraw their application by October 28 will be automatically committed to their program. We ask that visiting students from other colleges and universities commit as soon as possible; commitment deadlines for certain programs may be announced at a later date, bearing in mind visa applications and other pre-departure requirements. Students are encouraged to keep in mind that there will be no financial penalty for committing and then later withdrawing from a School Abroad for the spring 2023 semester.  Students may still incur non-recoverable expenses such as visa fees and housing deposits, however.

Students may be asked to commit by a specified date if there is a waitlist for their program.


To defer your application, work with your Middlebury program advisor to switch to the Fall 2023 application cycle. If you are a student from a college or university other than Middlebury, we will need a confirmation from your study abroad office that you are approved to study abroad with Middlebury in the fall.