a mural of a boy and girl on a bicycle, with the text "Ciudad Vieja"
Ciudad Vieja neighborhood
a man sits in front of a store with fruit in boxes in front
Fruit stand in Ciudad Vieja
A fountain in a park with statues of people on horses
Parque Rodo
A corridor with black and white tiles and archway pillars
University corridor
sunset over a small rural town near a body of water
Cabo Polonio
Photo by Melisa Topic
A student at a market with a stand full of oranges
At the market
a bulletin board with student activities under the themes of human rights, organization, culture, and finances
Student bulletins at the Universidad de la Rep├║blica
A wooden walkway leading to the beach
Walkway to the beach
A student sits on a giant string of letters that spell out "Montevideo"
La Rambla