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Middlebury School in Spain
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Professor Francisco Layna, from Spain, received his B.A. in Journalism (1976-1981) and his Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology (1994) from the Universidad Complutense. He has taught at Harvard University and Boston University, and at the following U.S. university programs in Madrid: Boston University, New York University, and Hamilton College. He has been a professor with Middlebury College’s program in Madrid since 1998, where he teaches at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Professor Layna has published a variety of research works on Spanish literature of the XV, XVI and XVII centuries. He has published three criticism books: “USA Cervantes. 39 cervantistas en los Estados Unidos,” “La eficacia del fracaso. Representaciones culturales en la Segunda Parte del Quijote” and “La disputa burlesca,” as well as numerous articles in specialized journals. He has also published five books of poetry. Professor Layna is co-editor of eHumanista/Cervantes ( and director of Ay del seis, a poetry editorial.