Paulina Solís
Middlebury School in Chile
(802) 443-5745
Additional Programs

Paulina serves as a consultant on environmental science. She studied environmental science at the Federico Santa María Technical University (UTFSM). Her focus is on environmental management, sustainable development, and ecology, and her academic interests include climate and disaster resilience, indigenous peoples and development, human rights and peace-building, and water governance. She also has specific expertise on biodiversity and the ecosystems of Chile. Paulina has had experience working as advisor on environmental management for projects of the Ministry of Environment of Chile, as technical advisor on sustainability projects and desertification for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and with partnerships on biodiversity in Chile for the Fauna & Flora International Organization of London. She also collaborates on environmental education projects for local social and environmental NGOs.

With the School in Chile, she coordinates internships for the students, as well as arranges homestays for multiple program sites.