A photo of Mr. Omar Al-Shoshan.

Omar has worked for multiple national and international organizations specializing in the environment and media. He started his career with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) as the director of Azraq Wetland Reserve and then as the environmental policy manager. In 2015, Omar was elected to the board of directors of RSCN. Omar also worked for Bird Life International, CEBF, and is currently the chairman of the Environmental Societies Union. Omar is also an experienced trainer and visiting lecturer at various universities and he is the Civil Society instructor at the Middlebury School in Jordan. Omar holds a BA in Business Administration (Jordan University, 2005) and a Master’s in Digital Media (Jordanian Media Institute, 2016).Omar has training certificates in TOT in wetland management (Wageningen University, Netherlands), Strategic Communications (John Hopkins University, USA), Social Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility (Salford University, UK).