In beginning to prepare for your time abroad, please have a look at our video.

As questions arise, and they certainly will, please feel free to contact Nicole Chance, advisor for the School in Brazil.  Some questions will be best answered by students who have recently participated in the Brazil program.  Here are some students you may wish to contact:

Justin Reis-Henri Florianópolis Spring 2019 Economics
Max McCulloch Niterói Spring 2019 History
Silvia Cantu Bautista Niterói Spring 2019 Political Science
Jack Goldfield Belo Horizonte Spring 2019 International Studies
Evelyn Vivar Belo Horizonte Spring 2019 Environmental Studies
Katie Conroy Florianópolis Fall 2018 International Studies & Anthropology
Matthew Murray Florianópolis Fall 2018 Geology & Portuguese
Frank Gavilanez Niterói Fall 2018 International Studies
Hunter Graham Niterói Fall 2018 Neuroscience