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The Minor in Modern Hebrew is designed to enable students to become proficient in one of the two Middle East languages taught in Middlebury College. The majority of courses in this minor are taught in Hebrew, allowing students to maximize classroom time immersed in the language. A few of the content courses are taught in English enabling a greater exposure to Israeli culture. Students may pursue Classical Hebrew as an independent study.                

During the academic year, the Hebrew Program at Middlebury has courses at the beginning and intermediate levels and in advanced independent studies; during the summer, the Middlebury School of Hebrew held at Middlebury offers courses at all levels. Study abroad is available through the Overseas Programs of any university in Israel.

Students who study abroad in Israel must have successfully completed a minimum of three semesters of Hebrew at Middlebury and are required to take the Ulpan in Israel.

Though Hebrew courses may be taken as electives, there are several ways to incorporate them into academic programs.  For example, students who major in International and Global Studies (IGS) with a focus on the Middle East can use Modern Hebrew as the primary or secondary language; minors in Jewish Studies may take Hebrew courses.  Hebrew can also be integrated into majors in such departments as Religion and Literary Studies.