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About the International Politics and Economics Program


The carefully structured International Politics and Economics major provides students with the opportunity to study two disciplines as well as areas that cut across traditional departmental and disciplinary lines. Through courses developed and taught by economics and political science faculty, students examine the globalizing world through a variety of conceptual lenses supplied by the social sciences; they learn multiple ways of solving problems; and they explore areas of inquiry that intersect traditional disciplines.

This approach, in combination with the study of languages and the immersion in another culture during study abroad, prepares students for a wide array of opportunities after college, including further study in graduate and professional schools. IP&E alumni are engaged in careers ranging from investment banking to the Peace Corps, from teaching to government service, journalism, public policy and management consulting.


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Annual IPE Symposium

The IPE Symposium is held each fall with the goal to consider the political and economic dimensions of a pressing issue from varying perspectives.  For more information regarding this year's symposium, follow this link to the 2021 IPE Symposium.

Participating Departments and Programs

The faculty for the international politics and economics major is drawn from the departments of economics and political science.

IPEC Preparation & Possibilities Booklet

Director of the Program in International Politics and Economics

John Maluccio, Professor of Economics