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1) Do I need to write a Senior Honors Thesis?

No.  You do not need to write a Senior Honors Thesis to obtain a degree in IP&E.  Only students who seek to graduate with Honors should contemplate a thesis project.

2) What Middlebury College courses count toward the major?

For the list of eligible courses, see the IPE courses page.

3) When should I declare my major?

The sooner, the better, since you have to complete 12 courses, and some of them are mandatory before going abroad. It is even truer if you are a Feb student and plan to go abroad for a year.

4) Can I double major or minor in another discipline?

Because of the complex and interdisciplinary nature of the international politics and economics major, IP&E students are strongly advised not to pursue an additional major. In addition, IP&E majors may not minor in either economics or political science. Students are permitted to major or minor in their language of focus for the IP&E major; however, they may not double count courses for the IP&E major and the language major or minor.

5) How do I know if an elective counts towards my major?

In addition to the seven core IPE courses listed in the requirements (PSCI 0103, 0109, 0304, ECON 0150 OR ECON 0250, 0155 OR ECON 0255, 0210, and 0240), students must complete five electives. Three of these must be political science courses, of which one must be a senior seminar (a course at the 0400 level); two must be economics courses, of which one must be a senior seminar (a course at the 0400 level).  For a list of offerings at Middlebury College that fulfill the elective requirement, see the IPE courses page.  If students wish to fulfill electives while studying abroad, please seek pre-approval from the IPE director.

6) Will I get credits for courses taken abroad?

You need to get pre-approval by the director of the IP&E program. Juniors wishing to study with the Middlebury CV Starr Schools Abroad should consult with the appropriate language department and the Office of Off-Campus Study.

7) What about AP, IB, or A-level credits?

See the Advanced Placement policy.

8) I am an International Student, do I have to go abroad and do I need to take a language?

Study abroad is a required part of the IPEC major for all students. All IPEC students must achieve the level of proficiency (set by the language department) that would permit them to study abroad in a language taught at Middlebury. Students who have achieved that level upon arrival at Middlebury through previous coursework or because they are native speakers are encouraged (but not required) to continue the study of that language and/or to learn a new language.

9) Can I count a course offered during winter term for my IPE major?

Yes, but only if they are specifically listed on the IPEC Courses page.

10. Should I take ECON 0211?

ECON 0211 is a useful course for IPEC majors considering careers that involve data-intensive projects. It can also be useful for seniors undertaking data-intensive senior seminar papers or theses. However, it is not a requirement for the major. Moreover, MATH 0121 or its AP or IB equivalent is a prerequisite for taking ECON 0211.