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Physics Theses: 1990 - 1999



  • Ahmed, Tarem O., 1999. Simple Harmonic Motion of the Uranyl Ion as a Function of Temperature. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Aryal, Anit, 1999. Measurement and Analysis of Low-Temperature Specific Heat. (Susan Watson)
  • Bishop II, Thomas DeEsting, 1999. High-Speed Photographic Circuit and Trigger Design with Digital Camera Application. (Robert Prigo)
  • Brown, Jamin, 1999. Neural Networks Applied to the Analysis of Projectile Motion. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Eaton, Christopher, 1999. Piezoelectric Damping Systems. (Robert Prigo)
  • Koenig, Jesse, 1999. Fabrication and Response to Magnetic Field of YBCO Superconductors. (Susan Watson)
  • Subedi, Ram, 1999. Optical Rotation Sensing: The Ring Laser Gyroscope. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Tillier, Caroline, 1999. Implementing an Analog Neural Network. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Wyman, Jason Lloyd, 1999. Discrete Population Effects on a One-Dimensional Nonlinear Map. (Jeffrey Dunham)



  • Abeyratne, Samantha, 1998. The Devil's Staircase and van der Pol Oscillator. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Blackburn, J. Tanner, 1998. Introduction to Holographic Interferometry and Non-Destructive Testing. (Susan Watson)
  • Brodie, R. Andrew, 1998. The Development of a Geophysical Field Site West of Bicentennial Hall in Middlebury, Vermont. (Jeffrey Dunham & Pat Manley)
  • Devendorf, Don, 1998. The 3-omega Method. (Susan Watson)
  • Dlamini, Bongani, 1998. Development of Non-Zero Force Model for the Solar Corona. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Ebbit, Kenneth, 1998. Making and Characterizing a High Temperature Superconductor in an Undergraduate Laboratory. (Susan Watson)
  • Marinov, Irina, 1998. Wind-generated Oscillations in Lake Champlain. (Robert Prigo)
  • McMillan, Timothy, 1998. Hardwiring an Analog Neural Network. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Perkins, Jessica, 1998. Inquiry Based Model for Elementary School Physical Science Education. (Robert Prigo)
  • Rathore, Yasser, 1998. An Optical Emission-Line Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud. (Frank Winkler)
  • Smith, Andrew, 1998. Photovoltaic Systems for Electrolytic Hydrogen Production. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Urbano, Daniel, 1998. Physical Theory Applied to the World of Basketball. (Robert Prigo)
  • Wagner, Joyce, 1998. The Design and Construction of a Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display. (Susan Watson)
  • Walldroff, Becky, 1998. A Study of the Age and Kinematics of the Galactic Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8 (Frank Winkler)



  • Beeson, John, 1997. Light-Based Computing: Optical Bistability and the All-Optical Switch. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Davis, Scott, 1997. On Absolute Rotation and an Active HeNe Ring Laser Gyroscope for Precision Optical Rotation Sensing. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Eriksen, Kristoffer, 1997. Supernova Remnants as Probes of the Interstellar Medium of M31. (Susan Watson & Frank Winkler)
  • Haines, Seth, 1997. The Effects of Ice Loading on Near-Surface Sedimentary Seismic Velocities with Implications for Ice Volume Interpretation. (Pat Manley & Robert Prigo)
  • Ide, Lucienne, 1997. The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Middlebury, VT from 0 to 2 GHz. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Leibowitz, David, 1997. A Comparative Study of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Fiber Optic Displacement Sensors. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Navickas, Vaidas, 1997. On the Kaluza-Klein Unification of Gravitation and Electromagnetism in Five Dimensions. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Saran, Siddharth, 1997. Modeling Energetics of Coronal Mass Ejections. (Rich Wolfson)
  • Sopher, Melissa, 1997. The ADXL05 Micromachined Accelerometer: An Educational Tool for Motion Analysis. (Robert Prigo)



  • Cournoyer, J.-S., 1996. Operator Methods and the Quantized Electromagnetic Field. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Curry, David, 1996. The Study of Lecture Demonstrations. (Robert Prigo)
  • Goyert, John, 1996. Optics and Video: Working to get Electronics Out of the Picture. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Khan, Fazeel, 1996. Determination of the Charge-To-Mass Ratio of Alpha Particles. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Mahony, Taylor, 1996. Active Noise Cancellation Through Amplification, Inversion and Superposition. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Raden, Paolo, 1996. Real Time Decoding of Simply Encrypted Digital Audio Communications. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Scifres, Aaron, 1996. Using Stellar Spectroscopy to Determine the Radial Velocities of Pulsating Variable Stars. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Singh, Vineet, 1996. Nonlinear Dynamics of a Simple Van Der Pol Relaxation Oscillator Circuit. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Smith, Ian, 1996. VESP Handbook Volume 2: Wave Motion and Sound, Electricity and Magnetism. (Robert Prigo)
  • Vokey, Frans, 1996. Earth Current Originating from Neutral Grounding and Its Contribution to Stray Voltage. (Richard Wolfson)



  • Corbin, Horace K., 1995. Harmonic spectra and Vibrational Mode Analysis of a Guitar. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Fernando, Dumith H.,1995. The Optical Faraday Effect in Rb Vapor. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Jimenez, Manuel F., 1995. Effects of Exhaust Pipes on a Single Cylinder Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Kazarinova, Ekaterina Ivanovna, 1995. Light Propagation in Strongly Scattering Materials and Its Possible Use for Biomedical Application. (Mark Roberson)
  • Shu, Jonathan B., 1995. Optogalvanic Detection by Radiofrequency Standing-Wave Ratio Measurements. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Taylor, John-Michael,1995. Conditions of Cloud Formation and Description of a Working Cloud Chamber. (Mark Roberson)
  • Williams, Benjamin F., 1995. Identification and Study of Supernova Remnants in the Galaxy M31. (Frank Winkler)



  • Alessi, Christopher M., 1994. Determining the Zero-Field Splitting of Cobalt(II) Compounds Using Variable Field Variable Temperature Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy. (James Larrabee and Mark Roberson)
  • Ambuske, Aaron A., 1994. Instrumentation for Astronomical Spectroscopy. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Baird, Adam M.,1994. The Physics of the Boomerang. (Robert Gould)
  • Bhattacharjee, Hrijoy, 1994. Shearing of the Large-Scale Solar Magnetic Field. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Bryan, Nathaniel A.,1994. Measuring Hemoglobin Oxygen Saturation. (Mark Roberson)
  • Connell, Benjamin S. H., 1994. A Study of Numerical Models of the Surface and Internal Seiche of Lake Champlain. (Robert Prigo and Thomas Manley)
  • Dechristopher, Brian M., 1994. A Kinematic and Abundance Study of the Supernova Remnant Puppis A. (Frank Winkler)
  • George, Hendrik V. W., 1994. The Compton Effect Experiment. (Robert Prigo and Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Moore, Ian W., 1994. Measuring Raindrop Kinetic Energy. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Riday, Ossian, 1994. Neural Networks&endash;The Hopfield Model. (Mark Roberson)
  • Strobel, Kurt R., 1994. Laser Light Scattering by Liquid Water Droplets--An Example of Atmospheric Monitoring Using Electromagnetic Waves. (Mark Roberson)



  • Bevin, Christopher R., 1993. Study of Candidate Supernova Remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud. (Frank Winkler)
  • Hanson, Gregory J., 1993. Nonradiative Filaments in the Cygnus Loop. ( Frank Winkler)
  • Islam, Mohammad N., 1993. Wavelength Tuning Characteristics of Diode Lasers. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Lu, Rong, 1993. Solar Spectroscopy with a CCD. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • McComb, Scott W., 1993. VESP Handbook of Physics. (Robert Prigo)
  • Moore, David T., 1993. Optogalvanic Spectroscopy of Molecular and Atomic Nitrogen. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Riordan, Matthew T., 1993. Thermal Lensing. (Mark Roberson)
  • Small, Benjamin T., 1993. A Wind Tunnel Study of Gliding Flight in the Ring Neck Turtle Dove. (Robert Prigo)



  • Bennett, Stephen C., 1992. Hyperfine Structure and Zeeman Effect Measurements in Atomic Sodium Using the Method of Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Bergeron, David J., 1992. A Time-of-Flight Determination of the Speed of Light Using an Electro-Optic Modulator. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Bonner, Matthew E., 1992. High Resolution Study of the Output Wavelength of Diode Lasers as a Function of Diode Temperature and Injection Current. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Cole, David H., 1992. The Construction of Discharge Cells for Optogalvanic Study of Neon 588.2 nm Transition. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Hanson, Gregory J., 1992. Nonradiative Filaments in the Cygnus Loop. (Frank Winkler)
  • Leach, Theodore J., 1992. Single Pass Gain of the HeNe Laser Amplifier. (Mark Roberson)
  • Meyer, James W., 1992. Second Harmonic Generation in KDP. (Mark Roberson)
  • Moon, Danielle Lee, 1992. Single-Step Rainbow Holography and Interferometry. (Robert Prigo)
  • Muir, Gordon E., Jr., 1992. Lift-To-Drag Ratio of the Burnelli Lifting Body. (Robert Prigo)
  • Olsen, Karen, 1992. Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of the Tunnel Diode and the Neon Bulb Relaxation Oscillator Using Van Der Pol's Differential Equation. (Jeffrey Dunham)
  • Verma, Ritu, 1992. Optical Phase Conjugation in Sodium Vapor. (Jeffrey Dunham)



  • Ahmad, Arshad F., 1991. A Real-Time Air-Holography System With Example Applications. (Robert Prigo)
  • Appleby, James E., 1991. Offset Homodyning: Applications in Lightwave Communications and Optical Spectroscopy. (Jeffrey S. Dunham)
  • Collins, Jeffrey M., 1991. Photometry of delta Scuti Stars RV Ari, V461 Per, and OS Gem. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Cooley, John H. Jr., 1991. Four Projects in Solar Spectroscopy. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Datar, Kiran A., 1991. The Optical Faraday Effect. (Robert Prigo)
  • Dutta, Barundeb, 1991. A Symbolic Computational Approach to Undergraduate Physics. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Fedele, Stephen B., 1991. CCD Photometry of Asteroids 113 Amalthea, 267 Tirza, and 409 Aspasia. (Stephen Ratcliff)
  • Hutchinson, Kendra, 1991. 1H, 31P, 15N Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. (Jeffrey S. Dunham)
  • Noss, Darcy K., 1991. Photovoltaic Water Pumping System. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Weiss, John P., 1991. Fun With Diode Lasers, or, An Attempt At Laser Spectroscopy Using A Diode Laser. (Jeffrey S. Dunham)
  • Westerbeke, Scott A., 1991. Narrow-Band Imaging of Supernova Remnants 3C400.2 and CTB109. (Frank Winkler and Stephen Ratcliff)



  • Chafin, Clifford, 1990. Fractional Derivatives and Dynamical Systems. (Richard Wolfson)
  • Daigle, Christopher C., 1990. Synthesis and NMR Analysis of Copper Tetraphenylporphyrin and Its p-Cation Radical. (Richard Wolfson and Stephen Sontum)
  • Davis, Kendall B., 1990. The Hyperfine Structure of Molecular Iodine. (Jeffrey S. Dunham)
  • Donnelly, Thomas D., 1990. Intermediate Coupling and the Pachen-Back Effect in Atomic Mercury. (Jeffrey S. Dunham)
  • Jenkin, Thomas C., 1990. The Manipulation of Particles in Suspension By An Ultrasonic Standing Wave Field. (Robert Gould)
  • Olinger, Todd, 1990. Imaging of Supernova Remnants 3C400.2 and 3C58. (P. Frank Winkler)
  • Thayer, Christopher V., 1990. Radial Instabilities Of A Cavitation Bubble In A Sound Field. (Robert Gould)

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