Middlebury’s interdisciplinary Black Studies Program focuses on the intellectual, cultural, and political aspects of Black life and Black people in a global framework.

Black studies courses compare Black experiences in various parts of the world, allowing students to learn to analyze Blackness as a dynamic formation across time and within local, global, and historical contexts.

Several students in the Black Studies department taking a selfie outside Proctor Dining Hall..
Students and faculty in the Black Studies department pause for a selfie.


Our program draws on diverse disciplinary perspectives and pedagogical methods, allowing students to link coursework across the curriculum. We are committed to producing and advancing knowledge about Black people in Africa and the communities of African descent in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe, and our learning goals support that commitment.

Students explore diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives to deepen their understanding of local, national, transnational, diasporic, and global processes. Of necessity, the debates that ensue will engage the voices and lived experiences of Black people past and present.

For faculty: If you have a course that you would like to be cross-listed with Black studies, please use this form to let us know.

Major Themes

  • The rich heritage of Black intellectual, cultural, and scientific inquiry and activity.
  • Black politics and social movements in comparative perspective.
  • The importance of language, performance, and other forms of expression in experiences of Blackness.
  • The development and influence of Black music, literatures, visual arts, and religious expressions.
  • The analysis of race and the ways it intersects with gender, class, sexuality, and disability.
  • The advent, implications, and legacies of colonialism and trans-Atlantic enslavement.
  • Racism and its effects on societies as well as on knowledge production.

Our Alumni

These are just a few of the many interesting ways our graduates have applied their liberal arts learning to engage the world. 

  • Health Science Charter School, Middle School Director
  • Barings, Real Estate Assistant Portfolio Manager
  • Krush Careers, Integrated Marketing Manager
  • Princeton University Preparatory Program, College Admissions/Personal Development Instructor
  • Pride of Bristol Bay/Cairnspring Mills, Outreach and Content Coordinator/Sales Coordinator
  • PIMCO, Senior Associate, University Partnerships and Diversity Recruiting
  • Etsy, Trust and Safety Training Specialist/Diversity and Inclusion Partner
  • Faraday, CEO and Founder
  • Primerica, Regional Vice President
  • Middlebury College, Admissions Coordinator of Diversity, Inclusion, and Access Initiatives
  • Center for Effective Government, Harris School of Public Policy, Graduate Assistant and MPP Student
  • Barrel, Solutions Architect

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