Race, Empire, Colonialism (REC) Courses

Courses fulfilling the REC requirement engage students in the study of black diasporic and African American, Asian diasporic and Asian American, Latinx, indigenous and Native American, and postcolonial literatures. 

Courses focusing on literature in the Black Studies Department (BLST) can, with the approval of your advisor, count toward ENAM major requirements as REC courses or electives. ENAM majors are strongly encouraged to include at least one BLST course among their major requirements. 

REC course offerings change semester by semester, but may include the following: 

  • ENAM 115, Multi-Ethnic American Literature
  • ENAM 136, Contemporary African American Playwrights
  • ENAM 248, Human Rights & World Literature
  • BLST/AMST 252, African American Literature (was ENAM 252)
  • BLST/AMST 259 Re-Presenting Slavery
  • ENAM 268, Literature of Displacement
  • ENAM 270, Postcolonial Literature from South Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean
  • ENAM 275, Multi-Ethnic British Literature
  • BLST/AMST 358, Reading Slavery and Abolition
  • ENAM 373, Postcolonial Literature and the City
  • ENAM 462, Literature of Migration and Displacement
  • ENAM 465, Reading Race in the 21st Century (was ENAM 306)
  • ENAM 471, Afro-Asian Encounters
  • ENAM 1034, African Environmental Works
  • ENAM 1075, Debating Global Literature

Pre-1800 Courses 

Courses fulfilling the Pre-1800 requirement include courses in Medieval, Early Modern, and 18th-century literature. Only one Pre-1800 course may be a course on Shakespeare.  

Pre-1800 course offerings change semester by semester, but may include the following: 

  • ENAM 107, The Experience of Tragedy
  • ENAM 201, British Literature and Culture I
  • ENAM 204, Foundations of English Literature
  • ENAM 216, Shakespeare’s Rivals
  • ENAM 225, Eighteenth-Century Literature
  • ENAM 227, Nature, Culture, Poetry
  • ENAM 302, Unquiet Minds: Gender & Madness
  • ENAM 303, Shakespeare, Nature Poet
  • ENAM 328 (was ENAM 1027), England’s Ovid
  • ENAM 330, Shakespeare’s Career
  • ENAM 331, Shakespeare’s Comedies
  • ENAM 332, Shakespeare’s Tragedies
  • ENAM 419, Gender, Power, Politics on the Early Modern Stage