You can also download a list of senior theses by year.


Jack Brady: Physical hydrogeology of the Ordovician carbonate aquifer in NE Weybridge, Vermont

Isabelle Davis: Mineralogical and geochemical analysis of low-grade metamorphism of the Champlain Valley Sequence, western Vermont

Torre Davy: Water chemistry and potentiometric surface anomalies in a fractured carbonate aquifer in Weybridge, Vermont

Anna Loewald: The hydrogeological budget of a small watershed (Lake Carmi, Vermont) with a focus on N and P

Tyler DeShong: Modeling uplift, erosion, and equilibrium: Using remote sensing for a stream profile analysis of the Adirondack Mountains

Rachel Nahirny: Investigating ocean carbon storage: Quantitative analysis of dissolution using foraminifera proxies from a sediment core in the Line Islands

Virginia Stanley: Mineralogical and chemical analysis of slip surfaces from landslides triggered by Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico)

Valeriia Vakhitova: Geochemical and mineralogical analysis of terrestrial and reef sediments: Implications for reef ecosystems and human health

Emma Waugh: Characterization of a flowing artesian aquifer in western Vermont

Thesis Completed Spring 2020

Spencer Ainsworth: A semi-automated approach to LiDAR-derived mapping of surficial geology

Cameron Weiner: Comparing Cl, S, and F Gas Emissions from Cinder Cone Eruptions in the Lassen Volcanic Region and La Palma, Canary Islands

Karina Zyatitsky: Explosivity of Pleistocene cinder cones in the Lassen Region determined by textural analysis of scoria


Spencer Ainsworth: A semi-automated approach to LIDAR derived mapping of surface geology
Quinn Brencher: Using InSAR to characterize rock glacier movement in the UINTA Mountains, Utah
Alex Cobb: Tracing Groundater Flow of PFOA contamination in Clarendon, VT

Pratt Olson: Geochemical investigation of the hydrologic significance of rock glaciers in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA
Miranda Seixas: A characterization of microbial diversity in the Winter Wonderland Ice Cave, Uinta Mountains, Utah
Kira Waldman: Analysis of volcanic sediments as a potential source of groundwater arsenic in the Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica.
Cameron Weiner: Comparing chlorine, sulfur and florine gas emissions from cinder cone eruptions in the Lassen Volcanic Region and LaPalma, Canary Islands
Karina Zyatitsky: A textural analysis of the explosivity of pleistocene cinder cones in the Lassen Volcanic Region


Malia Barca: Correlation of volcanic deposits in Costa Rica: Implications for assessing volcanic activity and risk
Bryce Belanger: Modeling climate constraints on the formation of pluvia Lake Bonneville in the Great Basin, USA
Miranda-Max de Beer: Low-temperature thermochronology across a portion of the Norumbega fault system, Casco Bay, Maine
Sam Graf: Structural setting of select post-Paleozoic calcite veins in the Champlain Valley of Vermont
Sam Kaelin: Explosivity of Pleistocene cinder cones, California: Insights from integrated textural and geochemical analyis
Kristin Kimble: Classification of cryogenic cave carbonates from the Winter Wonderland Ice Cave, Uinta Mountains, Utah

Octave Lepinard: Using satellite imagery, LiDAR and machine learning to quantify the carbon storage of Vermont’s biomass
Morgan McGlashon: Late Quaternary paleoenvironments from Laguna Cari-Laufquen, Rio Negro province, Argentina
Kye Moffat: Clinopyroxene barometry of Red Lake Mountain Lava Cone, California: Implications for magma storage depths
Caleb Walcott: A Late-Pleistocene luminescence-based chronology of pluvia Lake Clover, Nevada


Andrew Hollyday: Utilizing trace element diffusion models in olivine and pyroxene to determine ascent timescales of cinder cone magmas in the southern Cascades

Atticus Proctor: Bedrock Geology of the Ordovician Casco Bay Group, Harpswell, Maine
Brenden Edwards: Analysis of geotechnical properties of slope failure interfaces in Lake Champlain
Connor Pisano: Analysis of the effect of regional climate on soil mineralogy and chemistry in the tropics: A case study from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
Emmet Norris: Mineralogical, Chemical and Isotopic Analysis of Atmospheric Dust in Alpine Environments of the Uinta
Joel Wilner: Mechanical Implications of Spatially Differential (U-Th)/He Thermochronology in the Adirondack Mountains, NY
Liesel Robbins: Evaluating geochemical signatures & corresponding tectonic implications of calcite vein generations within the Champlain Valley, VT
Morgan McGlashon: Late Quaternary Lake Chronology in Argentina

Nathan Beningson: The Effect of Calcite Veins on Groundwater Geochemistry and Flow

Sam Cartwright: Detrital zircon geochronology of strata from multiple accreted terranes in south-central Maine

Sophie Leiter: Magma storage and ascent in the southern Cascade Arc: Insights from high-pressure CPX in primitive basalts
Tina Chen: 3D Hydrodynamic modeling on the effects of Missisquoi Bay causeway removal and water quality


Eli Orland: Using Remote sensing and high resolution digital elevation models to identify potential erosional hotspots along river channels during high discharge (Will Amidon, advisor)
Luna Wasson: Reconstructing the post-glacial dust record in the eastern Uinta Mountains: Constraints from the Taylor Lake watershed (Jeff Munroe, advisor)
Matt Barr: U-Pb dating of calcite veins in New England: Constraints on post-Paleozoic orogenic activity (Will Amidon, advisor)
Jessica Chen: Igneous petrogenesis and overprinting deformation and metamorphism of the Edgecomb Gneiss, mid-coastal Maine (Dave West, advisor)
Mackenzie Best: Petrographic and geochemical analysis of volcanic rocks on North Haven island, Penobscot Bay, Maine (Dave West, advisor)
Tucker Meredith: Geochemical analysis and origin of uranium in groundwater wells in the Clarendon Springs Formation, Colchester, VT (Pete Ryan, advisor)


Will Burke: Petrologic and Geochemical Analysis of Gushee Meta-Volcanics within the St. Croix Belt, South-eastern Maine

Sam Cowan: Assessment of As in the Shale Dominated Bedrock Aquifer System of the Southern Champlain Valley

Amanda Fishbin: Geochemical and Hydrochemical Analysis of the Bedrock Aquifer in Monkton, Vermont

Drew Gorin: Paleoclimate Reconstruction from a Weybridge Cave Speleothem

Maeve Grady: Modeling the chemical evolution of of tropical soils in regions of coastal uplift   

Caitlin Haedrich: LiDAR Ground Surface Classification in Middlebury River Watershed

Will Jacobs: Using Lidar to Identify Stream Erosion

Stefan Koenigsberger: Analysis of  uranium speciation in phosphorites: insights from sequential chemical extraction & mineral synthesis experimentation 

Ryan McElroy: Of Sky or Land? Determining the Influence of Dust on Post-Glacial Lacustrine Sedimentation in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

Sam O’Keefe: Climatic Interpretations of a Quaternary Lacustrine Dust Record: Marshall Lake, Uinta Mountains, Utah    

Patrick Scott: U-Pb Dating of Detrital Zircons in the Umbrella Hill and Shaw Mountain Formations, North-Eastern Vermont

Perri Silverhart: Dating Slumps on Lake Champlain to Determine Recurrence Rates of Large Earthquakes

Jack Steel: OSL ages from Lake Terreton, Idaho

Noah Stone: Petrology and geochemistry of the Cuttingsville igneous stock


Abra Atwood: Paleoseismology of the Hat Creek Fault, northern California

Nicholas Bachman: Geochemical and hydrological analysis of uranium associated with phosphorite breccias of the Clarendon Springs Formation, NW Vermont

CC Connard: U-Pb dating of detrital zircons in the Cram Hill Formation: Implications for Paleozoic paleogeography and orogenesis

Riley Ebel: Analysis of sub-micron sediment in high alpine lakes of the Uinta Range, Utah

Logan Miller: Stratigraphy, structure, and geo-chemistry of the Little Jarvis region of the Palmer volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, southeastern Alaska

Brent Nixon: An integrated approach to understanding dynamics of sulfate and TDS enrichment in three reservoirs in Eastern Montana

Ellen Taylor: Pollen analysis of a Champlain Sea peat layer, St. Albans Bay

Piper Rosales Underbrink: Analysis of multiple slumps in Lake Champlain, Juniper Island to Quaker Smith Point


Emily Attwood: Interpretation of atmospheric dust deposition rates and origins in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

Kevin Chu: Cartographic analysis of watershed scale surface and groundwater interactions in Bristol, Vermont

Jeff Colt: Mapping Mylonites along the Norumbega Fault, Maine

Kris Falcones: Rates of Soil Formation and Tectonic Uplift of Marine Terraces, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Julia Favorito: An analysis of the lithologic control on major elements, radionuclides, and other trace elements in groundwater south of Bristol, Vermont

Sarina Patel: The Origin and Petrologic Evolution of the Mt. Herbert Volcanic Group, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

Zach Perzan: Evolution and Paleoenvironmental History of Weybridge Cave, Weybridge, Vermont

Lauren Pincus: Variations in Cation Exchange Capacity  along a Tropical Landscape

Dan Reed: Petrologic and Geochemical Analysis of the Alfred Complex in Southwestern Maine

Sebastian Schell: Age and Erosion Rate Model for the Lower Rio Iruya Canyon, Northwestern Argentina

Katie Schide: Alpine Soil Development in the White Mountains

Daphne Tuzlak: Relationship of Tectonic Uplift and Soil Evolution along the Pacific Coast of Ecuador]