Degree Conferral at Alumni Stadium

A recording of the 2021 Middlebury College Commencement Degree Conferral at Alumni Stadium.

Good afternoon again, I think everybody could be seated at this time. My name is Jim Ralph, and I am the Dean for Faculty Development and research, and the Rehnquist Professor of American History and Culture, and a member of the class of 1982. On behalf of the Middlebury College Faculty and Academic Administration, I welcome you to our portion of the ceremony, and we’re gonna make it a grand one here. >> [APPLAUSE] >> This will be the opportunity for each of the graduates to be recognized for their accomplishments and perseverance through an extraordinary time. Seniors, when your name is called, you will come forward and receive your cane and diploma case. As President Patton mentioned earlier, and as we’ve already demonstrated, this part is also unrehearsed, so please bear with us along the way. And without any further ado, I would like to ask the graduates to begin to make their way forward and to introduce Professor Steve Abbott, who will read the names of the graduates for the Department of Mathematics. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Yeah, so we will have the mathematics department rise and then move over to this direction. >> Okay, math majors, let’s show them how it’s done here, [LAUGH] come a little closer [LAUGH] >> [COUGH] Omar Beltran Gomez. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH] Thomas Burns. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Arden Coleman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Nina Cruz. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hadjara Gado Alzouma >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH] Danny Grubbs Donovan. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Toby Gumener >> [APPLAUSE] >> Corey Jalbert. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Eric Kapner >> [APPLAUSE] >> Alexander Lamoureux. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Carl Langaker >> [APPLAUSE] >> Audrey Olson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Emily Wander. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Jojo Ju in absentia, thank you. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you, Professor Abbott that a way the mathematics department you show them the way. And now we will be turning it over to Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, so if those graduates could rise, please. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And I will ask professor Catherine Combelles for the program of molecular biology and Biochemistry, to please come to the lecturn. >> All right, baby Cleo Davidowitz. >> [APPLAUSE] Natalie Davie >> [APPLAUSE] >> Evan Federov [APPLAUSE] >> Alex Gemme >> [APPLAUSE] >> Amanda Girod >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations, Anna Goldstein. >> [APPLAUSE] >> John He. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Cathleen Huang >> [APPLAUSE] >> Megan Keating. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Carter Lombardi. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Trishabelle Manzano. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Juliet Malani >> [APPLAUSE] >> Eli Miller. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Sophie Smith. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jeanelle Tsai >> [APPLAUSE] >> Benjamin Undurraga. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Second lieutenant Alex Wilson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations, again, the graduates of Microbiology and Biochemistry. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now I’d like to invite Professor Jeff Pitner for the Department of Music, and ask the music graduates to please rise and move over for getting their diplomas and their canes. >> Dylan Healy. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Whealer Jarvis. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ashley Wang. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now it’s, well, congratulations again Music graduates. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now it’s time for the Neuroscience program for, its graduates to rise. And I call on my colleague called Professor John Spackman for the programme in Neuroscience >> Okay, go neuroscience. >> [APPLAUSE] >> All right, Theodor Bronk >> [APPLAUSE] >> Emma Cardwell. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Mary Katherine Caroll. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Rebecca Doucet >> [APPLAUSE] >> Shea Golden. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jessica Guo. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Tahira Hassan. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Megan Job. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Minori Kawano. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations, Alexander Kovalik >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations, Alexander Lawson, in absentia. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Clara Loftis. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Madison Lord. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hannah Mass. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Alexandra Massa. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Alison Meyers. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Francoise Niyigena >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jaehee Park. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Olivia Peterson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> David Rigas. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Amet Kerem Sarikaya. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Emily Schuler. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Marissa Smith. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Stephanie Soriano Cruz. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Maria Than >> [APPLAUSE] >> Alexandra White. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations, to our graduates in neuroscience. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now I’ll ask the graduates in Philosophy to rise and begin to make their way so that they can come to the stage. And Professor John Spackman, again, will present and this time for the Department of Philosophy. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay, now go Philosophy. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Charles Aspegren. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Gilman Bagga. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thorne Gregory III. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Peter Huggins in absentia. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Farhan Islam. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Nathan Obbard >> [APPLAUSE] >> Kenzo Okazaki. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Rachel Rose. >> [APPLAUSE] >> John Schurer >> [APPLAUSE] >> Keaton Smith. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations again, Philosophy graduates. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now I’d like to welcome Professor Susan Watson for the Physics Department, and ask the physics graduates to rise and make their way over so they can come to the stage. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Omar Alsaeed >> [APPLAUSE] >> Sergio Bobadilla >> [APPLAUSE] >> Che Bradley. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Theodore Culman >> [APPLAUSE] >> Gabremedin Dagnew. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thomas Eastman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Eric Felix Sanchez. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Catherine Glew. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Cideny Holm in absentia. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Matthew Hyer. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Alexander Kang >> [APPLAUSE] >> Taegen Kopfler. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Bendon Philbin >> [APPLAUSE] >> Michael Wasserstein. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations, to the Physics Department. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And let’s have one big rousing, congratulations for all the graduates here today. >> [APPLAUSE] >> All right, savior of the moment. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations again, as Provost Cason mentioned earlier, several faculty were awarded tenure last year and this year. And we would like to recognize the faculty from one of your departments and present them with their own Gamaliel Painter’s Cane. Receiving tenure in 2020, Eilat Glikman Physics Department. Eilat. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now. With your painter cane’s in hand. lets all please rise to watch, listen, and join the Middlebury College choir, under the direction of Professor Jeff Buettner. He’s everywhere in singing Gamaliel Painter’s Cane, and we’re gonna do an extraordinary job of doing this, because you’re an extraordinary group and we’re gonna outshine all the other seating arrangements here. The lyrics may be found on page 17 of the program. [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Now, this does conclude our ceremony, but I hope you’ll continue the celebration, I thank everyone for attending. Guests, will you please allow the faculty and seniors to recess first, enjoy your day, and congratulations again. >> [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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