Degree Conferral at Battell Beach

A recording of the 2021 Middlebury College Commencement Degree Conferral at Battell Beach.

Good afternoon, my name is Suzanne Gurland, I’m Dean of Curriculum and Professor of Psychology. On behalf of Middlebury faculty and the academic administration, I welcome you to our portion of today’s ceremony. This will be the opportunity for each of the graduates to be recognized for their accomplishments and perseverance at an extraordinary time. Seniors, when your name is called, you’ll come forward and receive your cane and diploma case. As President Patton mentioned earlier, this part, as all parts is unrehearsed, so please bear with us along the way. And without any further ado, I would ask the graduates to begin to make their way forward. And I will introduce Professor Paul Monod, who will read the names of the graduates for the Department of History. >> [APPLAUSE] If you just read right here, there’s no handshaking, no nothing. >> [INAUDIBLE] What are they supposed to be doing? >> All right, I shall begin, With Eric Arvidsson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH] We’re not supposed to shake hands but I think we can rub elbows, there we go. I’m breaking a few rules here. Sean Bold. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hey Sean. >> Hello. >> All right, Aiden Calinda >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi Aiden, there we go. Kenny Dunne. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Kenny, great to see you. >> You too. >> John Epley. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH Hey John. >> Hey, Professor [INAUDIBLE]. >> [LAUGH] James Gidez. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi James. >> Slow it down [INAUDIBLE]. >> Slow it down. [LAUGH] Next we have Jonathan Hobart in absentia. And Jonathan Hoy. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Laurence Jackson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Erin Kelly. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi Aaron. >> [INAUDIBLE] >> MacLean Kirk. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hey MacLean. >> Thank you, Professor Monod. >> Thank you, McLean. Natalie Meyer. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. >> Thank you, Natalie. Nora Peachin. >> [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Anna Staab. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi Anna, there you go. The pace is killing me. >> [LAUGH] >> Evan Stewart. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hey Evan, congratulations. >> Hey. >> Martin Troska. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH] Hi Martin, there you are, congratulations. Amanda Werner. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hey Amanda, congratulations. George Werner. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hey, George congratulations, it’s amazing. And Kara Zalk. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations, Kara. All right. >> Thank you. >> You’re welcome. >> Thank you. >> And I have the honor of reading the names of the graduates in the Independent Scholar Program. Charles Diprinzio. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi, are we doing the elbow? All right. >> Good to see you. >> Good to see you, congratulations. Kyle Kuzman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> All right, congratulations. >> Thank you. >> Professor Don Wyatt will read the graduates for the program in International and Global Studies, East Asian Studies. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Haein Lee. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Benjamin Renton. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Damien Shunghe Tang. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Professor Pat Zupan for the program and International and Global Studies, European Studies. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Morning, Olivia Brown. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Noi Horiwaki. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations. >> Thank you. >> And Madeline Kresin. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Professor Gloria Gonzalez Zenteno for the program in International and Global Studies, Global Security Studies. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Good afternoon, Rodney Adams. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations. >> Thank you. >> Saher Al-Khamash. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Rachael Flatt. >> [APPLAUSE] >>Karianna Laird >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Michelle Lazzaro. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Professor Nick Papi for the program in International and Global Studies, Latin American Studies. >> [APPLAUSE] Claudia Alvarado >> [APPLAUSE] >> Amanda Rodriguez. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. Thank you so much. >> Spencer Royston. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [INAUDIBLE] >> Megan Salmon. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Benjamin Yamrom >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations. >> I’ll call again on Professor Gloria Gonzalez Zenteno for the program in International and Global Studies, Middle East and North African Studies. >> [APPLAUSE] I am earning my keep today >>Araceli Arizpe >> Camille Kerwin. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Keegan Pando. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Zainab Thiam. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And for the program in International Global Studies, Russian and East European studies we have Irene Fernald. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Helen Gusman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Professor Amy Yuen for the program in International Politics and Economics. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Emily Beinkampen >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hannah Bensen. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Isaac Byrne. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Daniel Chen. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jess Cohen. >> [APPLAUSE] >>Bethel Endawoke >> [APPLAUSE] Elizabeth Findel in absentia. >> [APPLAUSE]. Christopher Flores. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ryan Hanrahan. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Abigail Judge. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [INAUDIBLE] >>Jinmook Kang >> [APPLAUSE] Maria Kaouris >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. >> Sofia Kurowski. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Allan Lane. >> [APPLAUSE] Yixiao Luo >> [APPLAUSE] >> Joseph Lyons. >> [APPLAUSE] >> George Marshall. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Maya Matejcek >> [APPLAUSE] >>Thereasa Nguyen >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ava O’Mara. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Sabrina Roberts. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Brittany Ron >> [APPLAUSE] >> Nigel Shilling. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Xavier Sims, >> [APPLAUSE] >> In absentia. John Spiradellas. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jenny Tan. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jessica Vala. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations. >> Thank you. Shamar Walker. >> [APPLAUSE] And Trustee Kashif Zafar, class of 92, will present the cane and case to his son. Please come forward. Rehan Zafar. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> I’ll call again on Professor Pat Zupan for the Department of Italian. >> [APPLAUSE] [FOREIGN] Michael Koutelos >> [APPLAUSE] >> Bravo [FOREIGN]. >> Professor Linda White for the Department of Japanese Studies. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Sawyer Tadano. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Professors Pavlus Ferreras and Maria Giorgio for the Program in Literary Studies. >> [APPLAUSE] >> It’s a great joy to present to you Georgia Vasilopoulos >> [APPLAUSE] >> [APPLAUSE] >> [LAUGH] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Professor Enrique Garcia for the Department of Luso-Hispanic studies. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hi I want to congratulate the following students for completing the degree in our department. But I also want to say thank you for being part of our lives in the last couple of years. So the first student, Mason Arndt. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jayla Johnson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Adrienne Sugarman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. >> Congratulations to the members of the class of 2021. [APPLAUSE] >> As Provost Cason mentioned earlier, several faculty were awarded tenure last year and this year. And we would like to recognize the faculty from your departments and present them with their own Gamaliel Painter’s cane. Receiving tenure in 2020, Brandon Baird, Luso-Hispanic studies, who was unable to attend today. Nick [LAUGH]. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> Nicholas Papi, Luso-Hispanic Studies. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> Congratulations Nick. Rob Mueller, Pychology. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations Rob. [LAUGH] And earning tenure this year, Rebecca Mitchell, History. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Congratulations. And now, with your painter’s canes in hand, let us all please rise to watch, listen, and join the Middlebury College Choir under the direction of Professor Jeff Bittner and singing Gamaliel Painter’s Cane. The lyrics may be found on page 17 of your program. [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> That concludes our ceremony. Thank you all for attending. Guests please allow the faculty and seniors to recess first. Enjoy your day and congratulations again class for 2021. >> [APPLAUSE]

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