Degree Conferral at the Golf Course Driving Range

A recording of the 2021 Middlebury College Commencement Degree Conferral at the Golf Course Driving Range.

I have to tell you, I never thought I’d say that I’d be following Anais Mitchell, good afternoon again. My name is Derek Set /and I’m the dean of students on behalf of the Middlebury College faculty and Academic Administration. I welcome you to our portion of today’s ceremony. This will be an opportunity for each of the graduates to be recognized for their accomplishments and their perseverance through an extraordinary time. Seniors, when your name is called, you will come forward and receive your cane and diploma case, as President Patton mentioned earlier, this section is completely unrehearsed, so please bear with us. And without any further ado, I would like to ask the graduates to begin making their way forward, starting with the program in comparative literature. The graduates in the program of comparative literature are Paolo Gonnelli Rachel Horowitz-Benoit, Lucy Cates in absentia, Xing Lee also in absentia, Leilah Markosian. And Jeremy Allen Novarro. And now I’d like to invite Professor Crystal Brown. To the lectern for the Department of Dance. This will be short, it will be brief, but she is powerful. I have the honor of giving this degree to Sam Kann And Professor Peter Mathews from the Department of Economics. And this is going to take a little longer. Tremaglia Abbott. I did when you were in my class too. Muskan Agarwal. Emily Allardi, Ryan Ashe. Calvin Bates.  Jordan, Bessalel. Emily Bian, Maxwell Bosco, Abdul Nacer Bounia Yahaya, John Brady. Ryan Cahill. Michael Calvey James Caprio. Sebastian Catano. Max Celander. Mei Mei Chu. I’m sorry,  Adrian Cozlick. Matthew Danner, Emma Domingo. Nathaniel Ezor in absentia, Michael Fahie. Jack Farrell, you don’t have to. Rafael Franco Bellmont and now Jack Flanagan. Yoshinari Fujisawa in absentia. Caroline Funderburg, Rebecca Grais. Kaylee Gumm, Adam Guo in absentia, Alexander Heinritz Tanner Hellickson. Nicholas Hill, Jack Hoelzer and Alexander Hozlman. Alice Hudson, Muhammad Hussein, Gillinda James. Griffin Kornnaker. Isha Kothari. Gordon Lewis Junior. Amos, Lomaisa, Adonis Luna. Liam Lundahl, Natalie Madden, Melanie Mandell Sarah McEacharn, John Mikas, Danniella, Moralez Devo, Stefan Morgan, welcome, Kirstyn Murphy, Thomas Napolitano. What was that? Samuel Almstead, Charles Parsons, Hodgen Rhee Isabel Rowan in absentia, Anya Sahni, Nolan Shapiro, Grace Sheridan and Martin Skelly. Henry Strmecki. Thomas Tarantino, Sean Thompson, Matthew Toal, Elizabeth Tyler Henry Walsh, Alexander Winch Zhuo y├íng in absentia and bringing a close to our extraordinary group of majors, Rullan Zhang. Professor Tara. For the program in education studies, all right, in this year of all years, I want to honor our teachers in our next batch coming up. Here we go. Brian Martinez Brito, Caitlin Cox and Angelica Hartman. Ariana Rios. Tre Stevens. Sophia Swallow. Gwendolyn Taylor and Janice Zhnag Well, congratulations to the class of twenty twenty one. As Provost Cason mentioned earlier, several faculty members were awarded tenure last year in this year, and we would like to recognize the faculty from your departments and present them with their own Gamaliel Painters came. Receiving tenure in 2020, Tracy Weston in education studies, who was unable to attend today and receiving tenure this year, Professor Tanya Baker in Economics. And now. With your painters canes in hand, let us all please rise to watch, listen and join the Middlebury College Choir under the direction of Professor Jeff Buettner in singing Gamaliel Painters Cain. The lyrics may be found on page 17 of your program. [MUSIC] That concludes our ceremony Thank you all for attending. Guests. Please allow the faculty and seniors to recess first. Enjoy your day. And once again, congratulations.

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