Degree Conferral at Kohn Field

A recording of the 2021 Middlebury College Commencement Degree Conferral at Kohn Field.

Good afternoon again. My name is Carlos Velez. I am dean of international programs and professor of psychology on behalf of the Middlebury College faculty and academic administration. I welcome you to our portion of the ceremony. This will be the opportunity for each of the graduates to be recognized for their accomplishments, and perseverance through an extraordinary time. Seniors, when your name is called, you will come forward and receive your cane and diploma case. As President Patton mentioned earlier, this part is also unrehearsed. That is patently obvious now. So please bear with us along the way. Uh, and without any further ado, I would like to ask the graduates to begin to make their way forward and to introduce Professor Eric Bleich, who will read the names of the graduates for the Department of Political Science. Hi everybody. All right, political science, here we are. All right, Colson, Andrews’. Jasmin… Jasmin, Animas-Tapia. Mendel Baljon. Sulivan Barth Eleanor Bayley. Mireille Becerra. Adam Bernstein. Lauren Boyd. Sophie Clark. Henry Cronic. Jake Dianno. Avery Dyer. Sabian Édouard. Michael Frank. Omar Frometa Jr., Alexander Giles. Tasha Greene. Nathan Gunesch Lara Iqbal. Caroline Kapp. Lucas Kouth. Akhil Koppisetti Abbott LaPrade. Forester Lee. Edgar Leon. Joshua Mohling. You’re all nice. Gillian O’Connor. Alyssa Pacheco. Saif Panday Cameron Pollock. Audrey Sachleben. Virginia Schaus. Chloe Smith. Robert Sullivan Jr. Michael Taylor. Sarah Weppler. Andreas Zies Way to go, political science, that’s John. Where to go, Professor Jason Arndt for the Department of Psychology. All right, psychology. Man… Emily Carfi. Alondra Carmona. Brigid Konner. Chima Dimgba. Jamie Donnelly. Flor Fernandez Montes. Audrey Kelly. Emily Klar. Peter Lawrence. Joseph Levine. Allison Martin. Alexandra Needham. Elsa Rodriguez. Big time giant. Joelle Rosen. Mae Ryan. Maren Taylor. Ivan Terrones. Emma Walsh. Congratulations, psychology. For the Department of Religion, Lucy Weiss in absentia. Professor Kevin Moss for the Department of Russian. Austin Cashwell. Eugene Nicolls. Because the of the. Professor Lino’s eye witness for the Department of Sociology. Yeah, congratulations, sociology. As a sociologist, I recognize both the value of these rituals and I feel completely uncomfortable participating in the rain Bumstead. Abby Dennis. Thomas Dillon. Olivia, Eddy. Anton Gallegos. Madison Holland. Nyreke Peters. Marlene Rios. Cecelia Scheuer. Andres Velazquez *muffled* Is he not here? I guess. Oh, there he is. We went over to the other side, hi Andres. I know it’s exciting. Hennah Vohra And Elijah Vilic in absentia, thanks. Thanks. It’s getting longer and longer for everybody to work up here. It’s like a marathon. Now let’s see for the program in studio Art. Maria Ramirez, very excited, professor. But let me just do this. Just stick around for the program and tell you, Charlie Rouhandeh And now Professor Alex Draper for the Department of Theater. My apologies just to report, and last but not least for theater, Ian Hanson. Stephen Lambert. Emily Ma, Katherine Marshall. Colston Merrell. Zoe Samuels. And Zachary Varricchione. We’ll give him a proper finish. All right, congratulations, class of twenty, twenty one week. Now do it. Yes, yes, must happen, congratulations. Very proud of all of you. OK, Provos Kason mentioned earlier, several faculty were awarded tenure last year and this year, and we would like to recognize the faculty from your departments receiving tenure in 2020. Professor Robert Moeller and Professor Clarissa Parker both unable to attend today, I’m sorry to say, but congratulations to them. And now. I always wanted to use a cane, and now with your painter’s canes in hand, let us all please rise to watch, listen and join the Middlebury College Choir under the direction of Professor Jeff Bittner and singing  Gamaliel Painter’s Cane. The lyrics may be found on page 17 of the program. That’s supposed to some point you’re supposed to tap and it is Astroturf, so it’s not going to make the proper noise, but we’ll just imagine. Right. OK. Oh. Sam. All right, that concludes our ceremony. Thank you all for attending guests. Please allow the faculty and seniors to recess first. Enjoy your day and congratulations again.

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