Participating via social media is a fun way for you to take part in the Middlebury College Senior Celebration.

General Guidelines

Each post that is shared during the celebration will be reviewed before going live. Here are some ways you can make sure your content is included:

Use the event-specific hashtag #MiddSeniorCelebration

This hashtag is the best way to make sure we will see what you are sharing. We’ll be monitoring that hashtag across a variety of platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Check your privacy settings

If you are sharing a post on Facebook that you want us to be able to include, ​be sure your settings for that post are “Public.”

If you have a ​secure Instagram​ or ​Twitter,​ you won’t be able to change that setting for individual posts. Rather than change how you interact with the platform, share the content you’d like to have included by using the “Text” option. (Text your content to +1-936-255-2364.)

Ways to Participate

Here’s the type of content that will be prioritized by the moderators:

A photo memory from your time at Middlebury

The graduates join over 200 years of students who have studied at the College. We would love to share some pictures from the past that demonstrate this history. Include some context to these images, like “So proud of you graduates! Here’s me and some friends playing frisbee on campus in the 1970s. We loved our time at Middlebury and wish you all success in the future!” or “Congrats! Here’s me at my graduation in 1998!”

A photo of you watching the celebration

Take a selfie, and make sure to include the screen displaying the celebration in the background; maybe you’re watching on a big TV in your living room, or a laptop on your front steps. And include a message, like “We’re here with you, Class of 2020!” or “Here with [student] watching today’s celebration. Wish we could be together and looking forward to seeing you in person!”

A photo of the senior’s high school graduation

This celebration is a chance to look back at what the graduates have accomplished. An older photo (if it’s okay with the senior you’re celebrating!) from their high school graduation can inspire a then-and-now feeling for the loved ones of that Middlebury senior. “Here’s [senior’s name] in 2016. Hard to believe this was only 4 years ago. Look at that hair!”

A photo of the senior doing something noteworthy

Many Middlebury seniors have spent time abroad, conducted research in the field, performed dance or music, or hiked to the top of a mountain. If you’ve got images like this, share them! Middlebury students do so many amazing things, and we want to highlight them during the celebration.


We will look at posts individually before sharing them during the event. We probably won’t be able to share them all during that time, but don’t let that discourage you from sharing and sending us this content. Even if it’s not used in the May 24 celebration, there may be other times it will be used.

Sharing this content with the celebration grants us permission to use the content during the event. If it’s something that could be part of any other online communications, we will contact you for approval to use. You’re not turning over the rights or ownership of the content to us. We’re just sharing things you’re permitting us access to.

Anything that would be deemed not safe for work, discriminatory, or hurtful to a person or group of people will not be included. Everything that is shared by Middlebury as part of the event will be moderated. Any content you see using the event hashtag outside the official presentation of the event is not condoned by Middlebury College.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the graduates!