Degree Conferral at South Street Field

A recording of the 2021 Middlebury College Commencement Degree Conferral at South Street Field.

Good afternoon again. My name is Steve Snyder and I am Vice President for Academic Affairs Dean of the summer language schools and Kawashima Professor of Japanese studies. [COUGH] On behalf of the Middlebury College faculty and academic administration, it’s my huge pleasure and honor to welcome you to our portion of this ceremony. And I would encourage you to cheer whenever you feel like the ceremony is over and we celebrate now. >> [APPLAUSE] >> This is our opportunity to recognize each of you for your amazing achievements and truly extraordinary perseverance in a very difficult and challenging year. And I hope that we’ll all join in that celebration for the next few minutes. When I call you forward, please come and receive your cane and diploma. And remember, for each step of the ceremony that as President Patton mentioned, none of this has been rehearsed. And so if things begin to go south we’ll roll with it. And I think we wanna recognize as we did during the ceremony, that you all have done the most extraordinary job of doing exactly that all year and for that we’re deeply grateful. I also. >> [APPLAUSE] >> I also wanna remind the graduates that you will have your picture taken unless you decide not to and the photographer is right over there. So as you exit the tent, please stand with your feet on the footprints for a moment and have a picture taken. So without any further ado, I would like to introduce Professor Ellery Foutch from the Department of program for American studies to give the deployments in that area. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hello, it’s my honor to represent the program in American Studies. I’m also told that this is a contactless pickup situation. So I’m not gonna be shaking your hands or hugging you, but all of the faculty are doing that on the inside. >> [LAUGH] >> So, thank you. First of all, Emily Balu. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Kennedy Coleman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Eric Jeremiah. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Charles Lawrence. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Samuel Rinzler. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you. And now for the Department of Anthropology Professor James Fitzsimmons. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay, all right. >> So first is Bochu Ding. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Spencer Feinstein in absentia. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Daniel Krugman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Kayla Lichtman. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Claire Martens. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And Courtney Tillman. >> [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] >> Professor Sam Liebhaber for the Department of Arabic. >> [APPLAUSE] >>  [Translation: A lovely hello] Hannah Abdelaal. >> [APPLAUSE] >> and Kamli Faour. >> [APPLAUSE] Professor Mark Spritzer for the Department of Biology. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Anthony Bongiorno. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Matthew Durst. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Micaela Gayner. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jacob LaBranche. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Laura Lardinois. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Helena Milazzo. >> [APPLAUSE] >> John Pineda. >> [APPLAUSE] >> William Robertson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ryan Wheatley. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Graduating from the program in Black Studies Christine McDowell in absentia. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now Professor Molly Constanza Robinson for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Bayu Ahmad. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Camilo Barrera. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> William Bent. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hannah Blake. >> [APPLAUSE] >> You already Know. [LAUGH] >> Elias Buurma. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Margot Chisholm. [APPLAUSE] >> Eunice Choi. >> [APPLAUSE] Anna Cox. >> [APPLAUSE] Andrew Gleason announced on behalf of his grandfather, Robert W. Gleason, former Middlebury professor of chemistry and Middlebury chemistry class of 1954. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Caroline Harmening >> [APPLAUSE] >> Nathaniel Klein. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> Emily Moore. >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now Professor Tom Moran for >> the Greenberg-Starr Department of Chinese. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Destiny Armstrong. [FOREIGN] >> [APPLAUSE] >> [FOREIGN] >> Wiatt Hinton. >> [FOREIGN] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Shana Kushevski. >> [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Grace Najmulski >> [FOREIGN] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ethan Sherman >> [FOREIGN] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Professor Christopher star for the Eve Adler department of classics, major in classical studies. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Elise Park. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Samuel Van Lokeren. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Now for the classics majors who did Greek and Latin, Sahil Gogtay. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hannah Resnick. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Just one more little department at the end. Professor Matthew Dickerson for the Department of Computer Science. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Okay little department at the end. >> [LAUGH] >> Simon Basescu. [APPLAUSE] >> Abraham Beningson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hannah Brady. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jasmine Chau. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jackson Chen. >> Loïc de Wit.  >> [APPLAUSE] >> Kai DeLorenzo. >> [APPLAUSE] >> [APPLAUSE] Charles Ferguson. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Michael Gallagher. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Winta Ghirmai. >> [APPLAUSE] >> David Gikoshvili. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Charlotte Gray. [APPLAUSE] >> Tyrous Ingram. [APPLAUSE] >> Samuel Kamau. >> [APPLAUSE] >> William Kelley. [APPLAUSE] >> Griffin Knapp. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Diana Lam. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Eric Leung. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Lizeth Lucero. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Alexander Merrill. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Henry Moores in absentia. Erika Nakagawa. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Christian Newton. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Christian Nieves. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Elva Osorio. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Eleanor Packard >> [APPLAUSE] >> Gong Han Pon in absentia >> [APPLAUSE] >> Stephan Perreault. >> Scott Powell, >> [APPLAUSE] >> Graham Rainsby. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Mary Scott. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Musab Shakeel. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Reid Smith. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Anna Spiro. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Victoria Toth. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Jacob Wallace. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Christian Walden Finn. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Hentu Enray Zang absentia. >> [APPLAUSE]. >> Please join us in congratulating the class of 2021. >> [APPLAUSE] >> As Provost Cason mentioned earlier, several faculty members received tenure during this year and last and we would like to recognize that those who did sell from the departments gathered here today. So, these include, and so these faculty members would please come forward and get their Gamaliel Painter’s Cane, David Allen in biology. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Christopher Andrews computer science. >> [APPLAUSE] >> AJ Vasiliou in Chemistry and Biochemistry who I believe is not able to join us today. And did Anonya Christman in computer science, >> [APPLAUSE] >> Who also I believe is not able to join us today. And now, if the video is queued up with your painters cane and hand, please watch, listen, and join in Middlebury College Choir, under the direction of Professor Jeff Butner in singing Gamaliel Painter’s Cane song. The lyrics are on page 17 of your program. [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE]. >> This concludes the ceremony today. Thank you so much for attending. Please allow the faculty and students to exit through arena first, and then offer them congratulations one more time again. Thank you so much. >> [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]

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