Degree Conferral at Central College Voter Lawn

A recording of the 2021 Middlebury College Commencement Degree Conferral at Central College Voter Lawn.

Good afternoon again. My name is Sujata Morti. I’m the dean of the faculty and Chelsey Dana, professor in the program and gender, sexuality and feminist studies on behalf of the Middlebury College faculty and academic administration. I welcome you to our portion of the ceremony. This will be the opportunity for each of the graduates to be recognized for the accomplishments and perseverance through an extraordinary time. Seniors, when your name is called, you will come forward and receive your cane and diploma case. As President Patton mentioned earlier, this part is improvised, so please bear with us. And without any further ado, I’d like to ask the graduates to begin to make their way forward and to introduce Professor Antonia Lozano, who will read the names of the graduates for the Department of English and American Literatures. The graduates in the Department of English and American Literatures, Madeleine Chao, in absentia. Stephen Choung. She tried to rebuild. Congratulations, Timothy, dealers are good. Now we have to figure this out. Timothy DiLorenzo. Granulation. Christina Farfan. Hayley Glover. Mark Gross. Rachel Hite, William Kotch. Nicole Le Mesurier. Harriet Lefèvre. Caroline McCray. Diana Milne. Jacob Morton. CNN in absentia. Melinda Payne. Maria Isabella Primavera. Anabella to me. And Shelby Wilson. And now Professor Daniel Brayton for the program in Environmental Studies. The graduates in the program and environmental studies are Luke Bazemore. Bravo, Elizabeth Callaway. I’ve done Emma Clinton in absentia. George call, Michael Farinelli, Katherine, think Jacob Freedman. Warren Galloway. Hayley Goodman. Divya Goulder. Kate, Holly Aryal, Landauer. Gillian Lessing. Maxwell, Lucas. Grace Malee. Matteo Maretti. Nicholas Nonnemaker. Molly O’Keane, James Peacocke. Charles Pratt. Oscar psychic’s. Monique Santoso, Raquel Smith. Kathleen Stirrup in absentia. I’ll tell Villanueva. And now Professor Jason Matel for the Department of Film and Media Culture. The graduates from the Omnimedia culture are Zachary Einhorn. A long and winding road. Caroline McCarthy. Torture him enough. Griffin Price. Lucy Rinzler de. And Ruhama, while. And now Professor Armelle Cuisia in Gunton for the Lewis 51 and Johari Watson, Department of French and Francophone Studies. Our graduates in French and Francophone studies are William Galatea Felicitas of Ecclesia. Kayla, Thomas and Kayla. And now Professor Capstan right for the program in gender, sexuality and feminist studies. The graduates in gender, sexuality and feminist studies are Louna Gizzi. Sady Horsburgh. Catherine La Roche. Micah Raymond. Anna Luisa Voss, Mick. And now Professor Joseph Haller for the Department of Geography. The graduates in the geography department are Emma Brown. But Maya Cannava. Do you oh, Derek Kronen. So that’s what we’re doing. Paige Dixon, yeah. All right, Christopher Gernon. All right. Evan Killian, Rochefoucauld, Britney Luks. Kai Milioti. And. Marilia Machette. And Kufra Udoh. Professor, I’m sorry, Professor Petrine for the Department of Geology. The graduates in the Department of Geology, not including many jobs here are Isabel Davis. Tory, David. Simeon Hamilton in absentia, Anna lowballed. Virginia Stanley. Professor Natalie Appel, time for the Department of German. I was a graduate student in German, not including all the Phelps is jizya Ziga. And Professor Eddie Vasquez for the Department of History of Art and Architecture Architectural Studies. The graduates in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture with a concentration in architectural studies are Kevin Badcock Dabwido. Got it, got it. Congratulations. Jack Freedman. Benjamin Johnson. Megan, 10 to. Grasmick. Andreas Von. Introduce me again and again, Professor Eddie Vasquez for the Department of History of Art and Architecture, concentration in the history of art. Back again, the graduates in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture with a concentration in the history of art, usually in absentia. Joran Van Lundegaard. Ben. Thomas McFarlan. That’s when. Kevin Santora. Congratulations, class of twenty twenty one. As Provo’s case and mentioned earlier, several faculty were awarded tenure last year and this year we would like to recognize the faculty from your departments and present them with their own painters. Came receiving tenure and 20/20. Erin Sassen. History of art and architecture. Mr. And receiving tenure this year, David Miranda Hardy and Media Culture. And Professor Terry Anderson, history of art and architecture. And now with your painters skeins in hand, let us all please rise to watch, listen and join the Middlebury College corner under the roof, under the direction of Professor Jeff Buechner in singing cameleer painter Skane. The lyrics can be found on page 17 of the program. And now we wait for the song to appear. So. And that concludes our ceremony. Thank you all for attending and guests. Please allow the faculty and seniors to recess first. Enjoy your day and congratulations, class of twenty twenty one.

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