Welcome!¬† Now that you’re planning to study with us in Germany, you are probably interested in learning as much as possible.¬† To that end, here are some former students you may wish to contact with questions:

Jackson Boyle jtboyle@middlebury.edu Berlin Year 2018-19 IPEC
Nicholas Hendrix nhendrix@middlebury.edu Berlin Fall 2018 PSCI
Sarah Schmid sschmid@middlebury.edu Berlin Fall 2018 ECON
Catherine Blizzard cblizzard@middlebury.edu Berlin Spring 2019 IGEU
Gunner Found found1@kenyon.edu Berlin Spring 2019 CHEM/GERM
Lucas Kreuzer kreuzer1@kenyon.edu Berlin Spring 2019 PSCI/ECON
Lidia Gutu lgutu20@amherst.edu Mainz Year 2018-19 ECON/PSYC
Tlhokomelo Lekhutle tlekhutle@middlebury.edu Mainz Year 2018-19 RELI/GRMN
Samuel Zimmer szimmer@middlebury.edu Mainz Year 2018-19 IPEC
Catherine Blizzard cblizzard@middlebury.edu Mainz Fall 2018 IGEU
Miranda Seixas mseixas@middlebury.edu Mainz Fall 2018 INDE
David Sanders dsanders@middlebury.edu Mainz Spring 2019 IPEC
Alexandra Zablocki zablocki1@kenyon.edu Mainz Spring 2019 ECON
Valerie Blakely vblakely@middlebury.edu Potsdam Spring 2019 ESET
Sean Flanagan seanf@middlebury.edu Potsdam Spring 2019 MATH/GERM
Elizabeth Shivel eshivel@middlebury.edu Potsdam Spring 2019 NSCI

Of interest on this website might be the links to your handbook, and dates and fees.

Finally, if you haven’t seen all our three sites have offer, have a look at the School in Germany’s Exploration¬†Space!