On the Russian Language Program in Kazakhstan, we understand that the time students spend outside of class is as important to their linguistic and cultural immersion as the time spent in formal educational situations.  

Where students live, what language they interact in regularly, and what activities they pursue with Kazakhstani peers all play key roles in their ultimate experience.


Participation in extracurricular pursuits is a major priority of the program in Kazakhstan. On-site staff and university faculty work actively to assist students in locating things to do and strongly encourages participants to pursue individual activities outside of classes and away from the other American students in the group.

With help from its host universities, the program in Kazakhstan maintains contacts at a variety of facilities and can advise students on particular pursuits. The staff will help participants to locate activities, but expects that students will follow through independently once those activities have been found.

A hockey game


We organize one or two out-of-town trips each semester to cities and regions of historical and cultural interest. A limited number of city excursions are also organized at each site.

Except in situations where an excursion is a required component of a particular course, all trips and excursions are optional. Students may choose not to participate on group events, at their discretion. However, the program cannot reimburse or otherwise compensate students for events missed.