Refugee Resettlement Pilot Program

In the summer of 2018, a new program in Connecticut will match Arabic language students with Arabic-speaking families for linguistic and cultural exchange. The Jiran program is open to students with Arabic fluency, who have done a language-intensive study abroad experience, or who have at least three years of Arabic at the college level are welcome to apply.

New Requirements in Florence

The Advanced track on the School in Italy's Florence program is now open to students with just four semesters of Italian. Students with 0-3 semesters of language study may also attend the program on our Beginner and Intermediate tracks, and our staff will tailor the curriculum to fit each student's Italian proficiency 

New STEM Track in Poitiers

STEM majors with four semesters of French are invited to take part in a new track of study in Poitiers, France. Full year or spring students may apply for independent research in a university lab. 

School of the Environment Moving to China

The Middlebury School of the Environment, which was based in Vermont for its first four years, will be moving abroad this year. Based in Yunnan Province, China's most biologically and culturally diverse region, the program will run for six weeks in the summer and combine interdisciplinary Environmental Studies coursework with leadership training.  

Fall Semester in Japan 

The School in Japan is based at International Christian University in Tokyo, which runs on a trimester system. Until now, students have only been able to earn 3 units of credit in the fall semester out of the normal load of 4. Starting in the fall of 2018, we will be extending the fall to a 13-week semester for a full courseload. Students in the fall as well as the spring will take a combination of university- and program-taught courses including Japanese language, a direct enroll content course, and independent and community engagement projects. 

Additional Site in Germany

The School in Germany is pleased to introduce a new site, Potsdam, the capital of the Brandenburg state. Students will take the majority of their courses at the University of Potsdam and will have easy access both to the city of Potsdam and to neighboring Berlin. As with our other sites in Germany, it is open to students with two years of German who take a pre-semester ramp-up course. 

New Summer Program in Oxford

This summer, a new Museum Studies program will open, featuring two credit-bearing courses, an intensive week of experiential learning, and special tours of renowned museums, collections, and archives in Oxford and around Southern England. Limited financial aid is available, and we'll welcome applications until April 1st

Funding for Italian Graduate Studies

Middlebury is pleased to offer a new fellowship, the Premio Famiglia Fiducia Fund, which will fund a complete master’s degree in Italian through the Middlebury Italian School for three students. Students will attend one six-week summer session on the Mills College campus and one academic year at the School in Italy. The Fellowship covers tuition, room, and board for the summer and year abroad. 
Please feel free to share this opportunity with any returnees with a strong background in the Italian language.

Middlebury Affiliation Scholarship

The Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey, which offers graduate programs in International Education Management, TESOL, TFL, Translation, and more, is now offering scholarships to alumni of Middlebury’s non-degree programs. Past attendees of the Schools Abroad, Language Schools, Ambassador Corps, or School of the Environment are guaranteed a $5,000 scholarship for each program, in addition to other merit and/or need-based scholarships. 

New Architectural Studies Track in Uruguay

Students with an interest in Spanish and architecture are encouraged to apply to the School in Uruguay's Architectural Studies Track. One of our partner universities, Universidad ORT, has an outstanding professional Architecture program, and our students will combine direct-enroll courses alongside Uruguayan students with an internship in Montevideo.

Internships in Beijing

Our director in Beijing has developed agreements with several media and educational organizations which are open to hosting interns from our program. While our policy in China in the past has been to allow students to take on internships only in the second semester of a full year abroad, students in Beijing may now add an internship to their course load even if they plan to stay for just one semester.

Cameroon Calendar Change

The School in Cameroon, based in Yaoundé, has changed its fall semester dates. Every fall, the program will end in December, allowing students to return to their home institutions in time for the spring semester

France Calendar Changes

In past years, students with a January start date for the spring semester at their home institutions have not been able to spend the fall semester at the School in France because of the overlap with the French university calendar. Now, those who wish to reschedule their exams for a date in December may request to do so, provided their home and host universities permit the rescheduling of exams. The School in France staff will work to accommodate their academic schedules so that they can complete exams in time to return to the US. 

New University Agreement in Spain

Students in Madrid now have the option of taking up to two of their courses at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Previously, all students in Madrid took courses in Spanish language, literature and culture at the Sede Prim, the School in Spain headquarters, with other program participants. For those who want a balance between direct enroll and program-organized classes, this new agreement will allow students to take courses in the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (except in the Spanish department) alongside local students.

Additionally, in Getafe, the Universidad Carlos III has just approved a regulation that allows all international students to take their final exams early. Students studying abroad in the fall whose home institutions’ spring semesters begin in January will be able to finish their semester in December, allowing them to return home in time for the spring semester.

Food Studies

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Food Studies track in Italy and Spain. Students with a special interest in food from an industrial, health, anthropological or biochemical standpoint will be able to choose among a selection of courses offered in local universities and take part in an internship to enhance their practical understanding in one aspect of this broad field. Stay tuned for more information.   

VPR Story

A story on study abroad and technology was aired on Vermont Public Radio this fall, reported at our own study abroad fair. You can read or listen to the full story.  

New School of Korean 

In the summer of 2015, the Middlebury Language Schools not only celebrated 100 years, but also opened the School of Korean. Korean is now the 11th language offered in the Language Schools.

School in France Review

After a successful QUIP review, the Forum on Education Abroad recognized the School in France for meeting the Standards of Good Practice.

New University Agreement in Florence

Studio Art and Art History majors attending the Middlebury School in Italy will be able to take their classes at the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. Students studying at the Accademia will be able to walk in the footsteps of great artists such as Giambologna, Cellini and Michelangelo.