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My spouse/partner is looking for a job. Can you offer any assistance?

Please see our Spousal/Partner Employment Guidelines.  This page has links to community and regional resources for spouses looking for a position.

How do I get my moving expenses reimbursed?

Since all moving expenses are treated as taxable income, we process these particular reimbursements through the payroll department rather than through Accounts Payable. It is not necessary to submit an Expense Report in Oracle Finance to be reimbursed for moving expenses.

If you received a moving allowance, please email Erin Kilpeck ( and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Employee Number
  • Total reimbursement amount (note: if your reimbursement was capped at $2,400, please make sure your reimbursement request is for no higher than $2,400 – even if, for example, the moving company cost $4,000)
  • All receipts


How do I get a College ID card?

 ID cards are managed by the Department of Public Safety at 125 Main Street. However, you must first have had your appointment at Human Resources. Note that it may take up to forty-eight (48) hours after your paperwork is completed at Human Resources for your employment data to be available to the Department of Public Safety. To apply for an ID card, please submit a photo here. Once  your photo has been submitted, stop by Public Safety to retrieve your card. New faculty can use their ID for Library and athletic facility access as soon as it is issued. Your ID card will also be needed to open doors of buildings by passing the ID card over the sensor located next to the exterior door. If you find you need access to other buildings, your card reader access request will need to be vetted by Public Safety.

When will I get my first paycheck?

All College employees are paid every two weeks. Full-time faculty are paid from July to June.  Provided you have completed and returned required employment documents, you will receive your first paycheck in early July. Payroll dates can be found here.

Faculty teaching less than full-time, but over the entire academic year are paid from July to June. Faculty who teach in one term only are paid over the term(s) in which they are teaching.  

Please indicate your preferred delivery method (direct deposit or check) under the pay tab in Oracle HCM.

How do I get a parking sticker for my car?

Parking on campus is closely monitored and violations are enforced. All vehicles parked on campus must be registered. To obtain your parking permit, please enter the relevant information in Public Safety's parking portal webform. Your permit will be sent by our vendor to your campus address. You will be given an opportunity to print out a temporary permit to use until your permanent one arrives.  If you have questions, please contact Public Safety at 802.443.5625 or 5133 for non-emergencies.

Where can I park on campus?

Faculty and staff must park in designated lots. Most lots on campus have some spots that are designated for faculty or staff.  For specific information about parking locations and restrictions, please check the Public Safety website here.

I need to find a daycare for my child. Can you provide a list?

Please see the list provided here.

How do I use my office telephone to make business and personal calls?

Information can be found on this page.

Also, if you need general information about services available on our phones, please click here.

Can I apply for Professional Development Funds (FPDF) right away?

Most new faculty members may apply for funding for projects beginning July 1, the start of new appointments.  New faculty on tenure-track appointments are provided with start-up funding to support professional development.  Tenure-track faculty may apply for FPDF funds during the third year of their contract.

How do I get extra furniture for my office?

Contact Thad Stowe in Facilities Management (ext. 5457).

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