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ID Cards (MiddCard)

The MiddCard is an official form of identification at Middlebury College. You should protect the card just like a driver's license or credit card.

ID cards are managed by the Department of Public Safety at 125 Main Street. However, you must first have had your appointment at Human Resources. Note that it may take up to forty-eight (48) hours after your paperwork is completed at Human Resources for your employment data to be available to the Department of Public Safety. To apply for an ID card, please submit a photo here. Once  your photo has been submitted, stop by Public Safety to retrieve your card. New faculty can use their ID for Library and athletic facility access as soon as it is issued. Your ID card will also be needed to open doors of buildings by passing the ID card over the sensor located next to the exterior door. If you find you need access to other buildings, your card reader access request will need to be vetted by Public Safety.

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