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Among the acronyms you may hear in your colleagues' conversations are:

AA (Academic Administration)

AOE (Academic Outreach Endowment)

BAC (Budget Advisory Committee)

CCE (Center for Community Engagement)

CCI (Center for Careers & Internships)

CRF (Course Response Form)

CCISE/Innovation Hub (Center for Creativity, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship)

COR (Council on Reviews: includes the PC and the RC)

CTLR (Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research)

DFDR (Dean for Faculty Development and Research)

DLINQ (The Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry)

DoC (Dean of Curriculum)

DoF (Dean of Faculty)

EDORDA (budget number sequence for Oracle finance system)

EAC (Educational Affairs Committee)

FC (Faculty Council)

FPDF (Faculty Professional Development Fund)

FRAF (Faculty Research Assistant Fund)

FTE (Full Time Equivalent--in reference to teaching)

IACUC (Animal care review committee)

IRB (Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects)

ITS (Information Technology Services)

OGSP (The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs)

P&P (Privilege & Poverty)

PC (Promotions Committee: tenure and promotion to full professor)

PoP (Professor of the Practice)

RC (Reappointments Committee: first reviews, contract reviews, and ten-year reviews)

SAOS (Supervisor of Academic Office Support)

SPSF (Scholarly Publication Subvention Fund)

UCRF (Undergraduate Collaborative Research Fund)

URO (Undergraduate Research Office)

VPAA/DoF (Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty)

Academic Administration
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