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Printing & Photocopying

Printing Services are available in their offices on the second floor of Freeman International Center (FIC). They offer design, digital printing, photocopying and laminating services. All orders are completed after submitting an order form.

Photocopies are most often produced on the photocopy machine in your department. If you wish to have a large number of copies made, you can email your document to You will also need to complete an order form. If you have printing questions please call x5175.

If you require business cards, you can order them by completing the Business Card Order Form.  Normal turnaround is 5 working days. This expense will be covered by your department or program.

All services are a departmental budget charge, so you may want to speak to your chair or coordinator if you have a substantial amount of printing to do. An Oracle budget number (EDORDA) is always required and can be obtained from your department coordinator. Course materials should be provided in advance through course-packs at the Middlebury College Store. The College Store will obtain permissions when necessary. Fees are built into the price of the course packs. Readings can also be made available quickly at the library through electronic reserves. Questions regarding course-packs should be directed to the College Store email or by calling x5334.

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