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Center for Teaching Learning and Research (CTLR)

The CTLR integrates support for both learning and teaching at Middlebury. In many cases it provides one-stop shopping for students needing essential academic and time management skills: Professional and peer tutors help students with writing, oral presentation, quantitative skills, time management, and study skills, and provide subject-specific tutoring at no charge. Located at the rear of the main floor of the Davis Family Library, the CTLR also has professional staff/faculty to assist faculty with development of syllabi, refinement of pedagogy, and professional development. In Fall 2020, many CTLR services will be offered online
Quantitative Support
The Director of Quantitative Support is available to assist students in a number of ways, including reviewing prior mathematics knowledge, discussing homework, preparing quantitative reports, and practicing for tests. Students may schedule sessions in advance or may drop in, as needed, to CTLR.
Peer tutors are available to assist students with homework, quantitative projects, and test preparation, either at drop-in, group sessions or in one-on-one meetings. All CTLR peer tutors have been approved by a faculty member in the appropriate discipline, and have received critically important training from CTLR in successful tutoring practice. Classes for which tutoring is available range across the curriculum, including courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, environmental mathematics, physics, political science, and psychology.

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